Hopefully the end is in sight! :D

well, almost 11 months after she was born we have hopefully got to the very bottom of my problems....

I hadnt stopped bleeding since the birth, and they found a lot of placenta left behind in investigations about 1-2 months after the birth. HAd a D&C to remove it all and a scan that shoed there was still some left after that. *sigh*
Then I was told to go away for a few months and see if it settled down. It didnt. Went back, they took full bloods to see if there were any underlying problems or hormonal imbalances etc etc etc.. still nothing.
Then it finally settled down into two periods a month and bleeding if I dared have sex...

so back i went to gynae who then sent me for a hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy and cervical smear yesterday.....
when the doc came to see me after the op he explained that he had found (and i wont go into the gory description he did) a piece of placenta left behind! 11 MONTHS LATER! image

he has removed it and put me on antibiotics for an infection, and painkillers, and is doing a follow up every 4 weeks for the next 3 months to make sure nothing else happens.

I lost one very big clot when i got home, but other than that the bleeding has been minimal.

Am keeping my fingers crossed that I will finally settle back into a normal af routine and get on with things!

I cant believe there was still some in there after all this time, and the major cock up that the hospital have made. :cry:


(and as I know I havent update my other threads lately here are some quick updates - the lump on MJs neck was just one of those glands that comes up when ill, and has gone down now. we have been told to expect it to come up and down when ever she is ill, and could even raise before an illness as a warning signal which is useful!

and me and OH went back to the counselor. I left and went to my dads for a few days, and he came down to talk to me, and promised to make adaptions and changes. We see the counselor every fortnight. We initially gave it two weeks and if things were going ok then we'd give it another two weeks. They have passed and apart from one minor issue that he did sort out as quickly as possible things have been ok. things have been arranged with the kids going to grandparents once a month - alternate ones each month- and OH takes more time and effort with the kids, and for me.
we're giving it a month at the moment and if at the end of the month things are still working we'll cut down visits to the counselor again, and see how it goes.
Neither of us thinks there is a quick fix, but at least I know he is prepared to work at it.
If in a few months we decide it isnt working then we'll know we've tried everything we can try.
He did take me out for a spontaneous meal last night after I'd got out of hosp, my dad was here to look after the kids anyway so he made the arrangements for a quiet meal, knowing I wouldnt want a big night out, and we had a lovely meal in an Italian restaurant which reminded us both of our honeymoon, and I was home and tucked up in bed by 10pm! :lol: I was so knackered I slept straightaway, and only woke up for an hour with the kids in the night, and was allowed a lie in this morning too image

so, I think I've updated everything... oh and the fact that MJ is sleeping from about 7pm till 5am for the last few nights too!)

hope all you ladies and babies are well.



  • I can't believe that after all this time there was still placenta left - I agree with Lara, you should complain when you feel up to it, you've been back several times haven't you, and MJ was a c-section birth as well wasn't she, so there should be absolutely no excuse for not noticing at the time that placenta was retained.

    I also think you should be so proud of yourself for all the efforts you're making to save your marriage, like you say if it doesn't work out you'll know in your heart you did try absolutely everything, and I'm not sure many people can say that. Please to hear things are going a bit better.

    Just to add as well, i can't believe MJ is nearly 11 months old already! Where is the time going? Seems only 5 minutes since reading her birth story!
  • Bloody hell I cannot believe that hun - so sorry that it has taken 11 months but fingers crossed it is all sorted now!

    Glad MJ's lump was nothing serious and I hope all the effort you and oh are putting in pays off - fingers crossed!
  • Ah, hun! What a lot life has been throwing at you. Sounds as if you are moving in the right direction with everything, at any rate. I really admire your fortitude in face of everything and I hope things get better and better for you from now on. You certainly deserve it!
  • Omg hun, can't believe the cock ups! How can they have left so much placenta inside you??

    Anyway really pleased that you &oh are making a go of it - good luck hun!!

  • Thanks ladies -
    we've discussed it and we are going to put a complaint in. My only worry is if I will have the energy to go through with it. I might need a kick up the backside to continue at times as it probably wont be an easy process but will be long and drawn out. But as you say, i can't leave it for them to make the same mistakes with other people, especially not as my niece is pregnant and I want her to get the best treatment possible.

    I just wish i'd been able to have a natural birth and then this might not have happened. :\(

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