SHould we request to change hosp

Hi ladies- I know you are all fountains of knowledge and advise hence hope that you can point me in the right direction.
Archie is under the care of a consultant who we have great confidence in, however the paediatric care at the hospital is rubbish and we think we should change to another hospital.
When he was born the midwife scratched his head badly- no explanation or acknowledgement even.
Less than 24 hours old they said we could go home- he had kidney problems identified antinatally so we didn't know how they would work, it was freezing and dark (I refused & stayed until next day).
At 4 wks he was admitted very poorly- they had no blood pressure cuff, couldn't get the oxygen to work, the Dr asked the auxilary nurse (her 1st shift) to help him canullate (totally inappropriate), argued about the dose of sedation he required to go on life support, the ventilator was faulty and scbu staff had to come and check they had it set up correctly, only 2 nurses & 1 auxillary for whole ward and no-one came to help when they asked.
Got back from Birm after 6 days on life support (brilliant care) - we arrived and they had no blanket to put on him, the oxygen still didn't work properly, the Nurse moaned that tube feeding was going to take her ages so I did it myself, when he was sick I was given a babygrow which was stained and frankly minging, the breast feeding support was non-existant and they didn't even change the water in our steriliser until I asked, I was not allowed out of the room but they hardly ever came in to check on us, I adjusted the monitors myself (I am a nurse!!) so they stopped alarming, they didn't give his medication on time, didn't change the sheet on his cot from the Sunday until we went home on the Thursday.
I had swabs done when he was in & the results were sent to the wrong dept.
This week I got a letter in the post with an appt that day, got there and they argued whether 11.8 pounds was 11pounds 8oz or 11 point 8 pounds (if you get my drift).

Archie only has 1 kidney, he has a hole in the heart and as a family of weak chests we anticipate quite a lot of visits/ stays over the coming years. The GP today said not to change until all the kidney tests were complete but ....after writing it down I think I've answered my own question..... guess I should request a change of hosp..... just feel disloyal as I did my Nurse training there.

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  • do whats best for him , are there other better hospitals about, bear in mind they could be worse
  • definitly, i would take it further too hon, do whats best for your lo xx
  • definitly, i would take it further too hon, do whats best for your lo xx
  • Hi

    Its not the same but i was so diappointed by the standard of care when i had my first that when i fell pg again i opted to go to a different hospital, it was 40 instead of 5 mins away but was the best decision i ever made.

    So I would say go with your instincts

    Hope Archie gets the care he deserves soon

  • Thanks girls, I don't know how I'm going to ask though, I hate being critical (even when they deserve it) afterall they did get him to Birm which saved his life. I just know I'm going to end up apologising for asking (and then blame my oh)..
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