Skipping bottles, straight to beaker?


I don't often post in this forum, I usually stick to BID09, so "Hi" *waves and smiles*.

Eddison is 23+5wks and is a booby monster! We're weaning and he has his brekkie porridge mixed with formula. We've tried two different brands of bottles (Avent & TTCTN) but the little tyke wont take either, I know from the Breastfeeding forum the MAM bottles are popular amongst BF babies but if he doesn't like those either then its wasting more money, grrrr. Eddison will drink/lap cooled boiled water from a TT flip-lid free-flow beaker with his solids, as an experiment I'm going to try formula from that this afternoon.
Has anyone's LO never used bottles (while still so young)? I'm feeling a little reticent about it because I remember how nice it was to snuggle up with my DS1 and a bottle, he really lost that cuddliness when he moved onto beaker.

I'd love to hear anyone's personal experiences.


Liz & Eddison 23+5 x


  • I never used bottles, went straight to beakers with no issues. image I didnt even want to introduce them, so it went fab for us image
  • Ds1 never used bottle either. straight from breast to sippy cups. It went really well for us too.

    DS2 had a few ebm bottles from 12w, but now at 35 weeks he also only has sippy cups. works for us!

    Good luck
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