Nursery - pulling out?

Hey ladies

I was wondering if any of you had withdrawn from a nursery afer paying a deposit and whether or not you got that deposit back?

Reason I am asking is that the nursery I chose got a very bad review from the CC and the follow up was just as bad so im not that confident with them. Plus I have just found a very competent childminder tha tlives five minutes up the road from me.

So what do you think the likelyhood of me getting my ??90 back?


  • ??90 image gee what the hell does that give u?? is that a month in advance? im not sure where u stand ..we have a ??25 enrolement fee and they are expected to pay a month in advance but lots dont xxx
  • You might have to kick up a bit of a stink. I think you'd only really get it back if they had been dishonest in some way (or tried to hide the bad review from you) and even then you might have a battle on your hands. Sorry hun.
  • I'm in a similar position. ??150 deposit and ??80 admin fee. I know I won't get the admin fee back but I would think if you give enough notice you should get the deposit back as they will have time to fill the space.
  • When did you pay it? We recently paid a deposit but got a place at another nursery so cancelled the place 3 days later and as it was so soon after they said they'll refund us but I think any later and we'd be out of luck.

    If they're funny with you, you probably have nothing to lose by bringing up the rubbish report they have but again it might not get you anywhere.

    Hope you do get it back though!
  • Sorry, I don't think you'll get it back - there's probably a clause on the application or somewhere that says it's non-refundable. We paid a ??50 deposit to secure ds's nursery place when he was tiny, then when it came to going back to work my Mum offered to have him - so we cancelled his place and didn't get the money back. Our reason for cancelling was nothing to do with the nursery itself, so it might be worth you bringing up the poor report - although they might argue you should have checked reports before paying it.
  • you could try to argue that they are not fulfiling their side of the contract by not achieving to the standard they are supposed to therefore your shild is not receiving the level of care you feel it should??
  • Thanks girls for your points of view. The ??90 was a holding fee - a full month is ??710! My Childminder isn't even close to that so in the long run losing ??90 isn't a detriment but I could really use the money!

    I was supposed to start ds in sept but because were living in the country I got a Childminder for a month (so lucky she had a space) because we were thinking of moving into town after our lease finished in late sept so I called them up and moved his space to October without much of a stink and no asks for more money ect ect so I'm hoping cancelling and just speaking to someone matter of factly will do the job. Truth is they're probably the only nursery left in town with spaces and with a 2 month notice they SHOULD fill the space..if the person doesn't read the report first!

    I did read the cc report but I was hoping the follow up would have been better and deduced that they needed to 'buck up their ideas' sort of thing so if they did mention the report I should be able to counter them

    I'll update tomorrow about how I get on
  • We paid ??25 deposit, it paid for Lily to go to 3 taster sessions - 1 hour one day, 2 hours another day and 3 hours the final day. xx
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