Chesty cough :\(

Hi girls,

Bemjamin is 8-weeks old tomorrow. For the last 2 days he's had a chesty cough which seems to be getting worse. We've been to the drs and he says it is a virus (surprise) and to expect it possibly to get worse before it improves. I was just wondering if there was anything I can do to shift some of the mucus from his chest and his little coughs aren't doing much...

Anyone got any home remedies??


Ruth xx


  • Hi have you tried sitting in the bathroom with a really hot shower going, steam helps get mucus up hope this helps & he feel better soonxo
  • I agree with cloclo, shower on really hot with the door closed, the steam should really help. Or put his moses basket in the bathroom with you when you shower? Hope he's feeling better soon xx
  • Thanks ladies, will give it a try x
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