sleep problem..related to feeding??????please help

hiya....Emily (6months) is fully weaned and having 3meals a day.....she loves her food and cant get enough....she goes to bed at 6pm and was waking at 6am and having a 8oz bottle.....this was great....but then she started waking earlier and earlier for her bottle...last night it was 3am....she goes back to sleep after her bottle...

im just wondering if its habit more then anything else or weather shes not having enough to eat (even tho she has plenty!)

im not sure which way to go about fixing it..any advice or experience with similar issues would be great ta x


  • I think this is probably just habbit. but it could be she is having a groth spurt and needs the extra. x
  • thanks for the reply...i think i may have to break the habit...*here come some sleepless nights*
  • Hi,
    I agree with michelle07 maybe she is having a spurt and wants a bit more. Could you give her a bream feed when you go to bed to top her up or will that create another habit? Sorry not helpful, hopefully clever people on here will have better ideas x
  • thanks for your reply image i used to do a dream feed wen she was younger but it didnt have any effect on her what so ever image
  • millie is 6 months and just had a growth spurt she was waking twice for 6oz bottles at night for over a week last night she slept through so urs is prob same hope so image x
  • What milk are u useing. my LO was doing the same untill I changed his milk to C&G Night milk in a purple box its slightly thicker and has like an ovaltine smell to it
  • thanks all for your replies... i really hope it is just a growth spurt.....i tried c&g bedtime milk last night but she was up twice for more at half 9 and half 2 image i hope she pacls it in soon lol....i wouldnt mind but she slept threw the night brilliently since i weaned her at 4 mnths so its very out of the blue x
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