Baby Keepsakes?

Who has keepsakes from your baby?

I've kept from Evie and Kyra, their hospital wrist and ankle bands, their belly button clip and wait for it....even the umilical cord thingy that falls off. Some of you must be thinking yuck! But it's all dried up and put in a special keepsake box for them. xx


  • My pregnancy test, her little pink elephant card with her birth details, name band, my maternity card, her scan pics and I think that it's for now! Need a memory box to put everything in, have you got one YM where from if so?
  • i've kept charlie's wrist and ankle bands, the first babygro he wore when he was born, and a lock of his hair. he has a keeping box, but there isn't much in it at the mo! He has a baby record book too which i keep updated for him x
  • I do. I have both Ollies and Maddi's ankle bands from hospital. The pink and blue hospital cards. I also have the belly button clips with the cord still attached. ( my partners idea to keep that bit, makes me feel sick) I also have there coming home outfits. plus many other items from special days/ times of the year
  • The one I've got is just an aluminium make-up box/travel case my sister gave me about 6 years ago for christmas. I should get a proper one really, but it will do for now to protect my precious memories x x
  • ive kept his wrist n ankle bands my card from horpital and his, first socks, babygrow, outfit he came out of hospital in. so nice to look bk in a few yrs time or when they're older to show them etc. need memories
  • i'll deffinately be keeping things as i have a keepsakes box for me and my OH (cinema tickets from when we were dating etc) ... i think the umbillical cord is a bit much (my OH is a slight bit squeamish) but ive still got all scan pics, and the lil ticket out of the machine that you get with it ...

    this sounds really grosse .... but has/do you know anyone who kept the placenta??? I read about this a while ago .... i have no want or need to do this, but ive heard it has been done !!
  • That's not too bad, I had a home birth and because the midwife said we had to leave the placenta and stuff in a yellow bag by the front door on a Tuesday (gave birth on a friday!!!) I made dh go dig a hole in the garden and bury it.... bloody hormones (It was January too). So technically I kept that... so umbilical cord is certainly not in the range of gross.... lol
  • name bands,
    cot cards,
    cord clamp -but couldnt keep the cord!!
    scan pics,
    computer printout of the delivery details (not all Midwives leave you with this when they take your postnatal documents, but they are not needed as they are usually duplicated in your main notes! if your midwife is visting still, ask if you can keep them)
    my name band for each baby
    all birth cards, balloons (deflated now tho'!)
    copy of birth announcement cards i sent
    newspaper of day born
    no. 1 cd

    everything is kept in a big box for each of the kids with their name on (big ?70litre boxes from Instore)

    what has also been added is their 1st birthday cards, then birthday cards off us only
    photo albums for them
    record books
    keep sake metal things for "first tooth" etc- these are still empty tbh cos i dont like keeping things like that!!!

    as you can tell, after 3 kids, i really need to live in a mansion to house everything!! :lol:
  • oh my word, hedgie!! our midwives bring them back into hospital and they go with the rest for incineration!

    we do have a policy on people who want to take them home with them, but in well over 10 yrs, no-one has ever asked me yet! i always offer to show what it looks like, how it works etc, and those that want to see are quite happy so dont want to take it home!!

    about 10-15yrs ago, there was something said about frying it up, eating it and it would prevent PND!!!
  • I've got the same as you Ollier - but I also have her clip & stump!! I've got the hat (that's covered in blood) that the midwife put on her when she came out!!
    I intend to keep adding bits throughout the years and giving it to her on her 18th!!
  • I've got the usual bits that you all have too, just got them in a box file each at the moment but my 4yr olds box is getting a bit full as I add to them every christmas and b-day, also got things like cinema tickets for the two times I have taken him to the cinema etc. I also have the printed info of my second son's birth which i find really interesting and wish I had one for my first!
    What have you all done with your scan pics? Someone once told me that they fade over time so is there anything I can do to preserve them?

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  • I'm a real hoarder (teacher thing I think!) so we started his special box when we knew we were pregnant. Have also kept the tummy clip, first lock of hair (we had to trim it as it started getting knotty at the back) all his scan pictures, the T-shirt oh was wearing the night/morning he arrived with the totally out stretched neck as I help on to that for the pushing!! Also step Mum gave us a lovely photo album where I keep photos of him with all his visitors and ones of us pregnant and the test. Also started a video of all the special things to give to him on his 18th and embarrass him competley. Wish I'd something like that to look at now. Mum was never a big keeper-well of my stuff anyway. Have a lovely blue box someone gave us but think I might need to move on to a bigger box soon! Oh. . have all the cards and a little balloon someone got him too. Love adding to it!
  • I've got tons of stuff! Mostly same as everyone else- tags from hospital, first babygrows, new baby cards, first christmas cards, first birthday cards (for Lily), first tiny dummy, first shoes, even Lily's little first toothbrush! I just pop bits in every so often. I've now got a bit of Lily's hair to go in as my mum snipped the long bit off her fringe.

    I couldn't keep the cord though *shudder* I'll never forget how bad the tummy button smelt when cord fell off, don't need a reminder of that! Thank god mw used sterzac powder on Evie's in the end but said they're not meant to use it anymore.

    As for the placenta...I've seen loads of programmes where women kept them. One kept it attached onto the baby until the cord went so dry it snapped, then she buried the placenta under a tree! That's defo not for me!

  • I've got a massive gift bag with loads of things in. In Kelsies (Jack's only 5 weeks so haven't had a chance to get to much as yet) we've got all scan pics, hospital tags for ankle and wrist - also my tags, her 1st outfut - vest, babygro, hat etc, a nappy she wore, her 1st dummy, a special guardian angel figure, all her birth cards, 1st christmas cards, 1st birthday cards. Loads of things in there, and thats just off the top of my head. I think its important they have little bits like this so you can explain when they're older. Everything has a story about where it came from etc. I'm such a family girl :lol: My mum did the same for me and I've still got the box now!! I love looking through it!!

  • Ive kept Bens ankle band and namecard from Hospital,first mothersday card and birthday card,some little jumpers my mum knitted and scan pics ect...they are all in a gift bag at the mo till i need somewhere bigger for them!
    I also have a baby book that isd full of details and photos,i wish my own mum had done something like this for me as i would love to look through it now!
  • I have things scattered on a shelf. need to get a nice box really. I still have clip and cord! her2 name bands as they kept falling off. a diddy bodysuit, deflated balloon (just kept it!) baby cards and flowertags, baby book and scan pics, will do a ock of hair when it grows. Might do a clean nappy, cos she was prem. my wrist bands. first hand and foot prints

    If anyone buys a nice box, pls let me know :\)

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  • We've kept all the usual things too for both our girls. We have memory boxes that my mum had done for us from here:-

    Absolutely love them and they look great in the nursery. Personalised with all their birth details etc. x
  • I've got my sons belly clip, wrist and arm band, first lot of hair, his babygro he wore just after he was born, his coming home outfit, his first snow suit, scan pics, and his first little pair of slippers. got more but could take a while. lol

    Got most of the same with Gracie too and both have a record book that i keep up to date for them.

    Lisa xxx
  • Ahhhh - so I'm not the only one to keep the cord stump! Those boxes look really nice, how big are they? Evie would love a pink one in her room! xxx
  • I haven't measured mine but according to the website the measurements are:-


    Hope this helps! x
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