How much time do you spend entertaining your LO?


How much time do you spend entertaining your LO in the day?

Brooke is 11weeks 3 days old and is very alert, and likes to be watching or doing something otherwise she gets bored and cries. Normally she gets up at 7am (she goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps through till 7am) we feed her, dress her, then she will go on her playmat for about 30 mins to 45 mins, she gets bored of this then, I got to pick her up and walk around room for few mins, then sit her on the sofa and show her cloth books, and play with her rattle, or put on the cartoon channel on sky as this keeps her focused on something till it is time for her next feed or nap. She only seems to have around a 30 mins to 45 mins nap in the morning around 10 - 10.30am, then another nap in the afternoon around 2pm. When I take her out in the buggy she is awake mostly nosing to see what is going on, she won't sleep for long, the only time she really sleeps is in the car. When I clean the house or cook I normally put her in her bouncer and take her in each room with me as she doesn't like being left where she can't see me. Brooke seems to need alot of entertainment, is anybody else's LO like this?




  • yeah pretty much. cameron is 6 months so not quite sitting alone yet. he will sit and play with toys in his bouncy chair but i cant leave him alone to play too much or he gets bored too. i think as brooke gets a bit older she'll start to entertain herself more, at the moment she wont quite be able to hold on to toys long enough so you'll always have to be there to pass them back!

    i get things done by taking cam from room to room and giving him different chairs/toys. in the living room he has his bouncey chair, in the kitchen he either sits in his high chair or walker, in the bathroom he has his bumbo to sit in while mummy takes a shower etc.
    its entertainment for them to watch you doing things, i wash the pots with lots of bum wiggling and over enthusiastic singing!
  • Hi listef

    that sounds exactly like me, Brooke must think her mummy is mad, as I am singing, dancing and other stupid things just to keep her occupied.

  • i was singing once in summer trying to keep him busy. not realising the window was open and my (ignorant) neighbour shouted for me to shut up!! i was well offended..cameron likes the sugarbabes! haha!! xx
  • Have to agree Alfie's the same, he's 21 weeks tomorrow and he's soooooo nosey (don't know where he gets it from!) but if we're out he won't sleep as he's listening to the conversations or just people (sometimes lights or curtains too??) watching.
    In the house he can entertain himself for about 20-25 minutes but not much longer. Thought it was just him but obviously not-makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one singing, dancing and doing funny voices and faces from 7 till 6! Problem is I never know all the words so he only ever gets half a song! x
  • I don't do a huge amount with Gabe either, he does entertain himself quite well. In the morning we get up, he has a bottle and then he sits in his cradle swing playing with toys while I eat my toast lol, then he has his breakfast & then we go and play with cuddly toys on the bed and play throwing-around games! Then we curl up & have a nap. Gabe loves being kissed and cuddled mainly which is nice as he hated it as a tiny baby and just fought all the time! He LOVES tickling and laughs his head off. I would say I spend most of the day talking to him but not a great deal playing - maybe 2 hours in total out of the day - oops does that sound bad!xx
  • lol Niki - do the same with my 5 yr old! shes perfect for keeping Braedon amused if i have things i have to get done, esp in the evening when i need to run baths and cook her tea.
    dont spend lots of time playing as such, seem to be out quite a lot tbh...but when we are at home, i do sit wit Braedon and look at toys or lie on the floor next too him so he can touch my hair and face (and slobber all over me lol) just for 20-30 nmins at a time then get on with stuff. i do talk to him lots tho xxx
  • yeh Gabe loves lying next to me and pulling my hair! he thinks its hilarious...i don't!
  • lol tigerlily! Braedon rolls over, grabs me by the cheeks or hair and then sucks my nose! lovely!!!
  • i have to entertain millie nearly all day long haha although she will sit and watch the disney channel for ages!!!!! xx
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