i bought some maternity pads from sainsburys the other day but they dont feel like they will soak up the blood. ive always liked always pads cause of the covering and the way it soaks up the blood. sorry tmi!!!!

i was wondering from other moms if some super strength always nighttime pads would do the job?

thanks for your help.


  • I would advise to ONLY use maternity pads - the chemicals in the others can make very sensity after birth bits EXTREMELY SORE and if you have stitches they may get caught! YUCK AND OUCH! image
  • thanks. is there much difference between different maternity pad brands?
  • I just used Boots own brand (never looked at any others so don't know) 99p for 10 pack.
  • I bought mine from Wilkinsons as they were the cheapest I could find & they were fine.

  • i had tescos maternity pads but didnt think they was as good as the boots own brand maternity pads they didnt seems tostick to your underware as much and always ended up half way up you leg lol
  • My mw said the maternity are best to use before baby arrives incase of any bleeds (as I had the few days before everything started!) as they don't soak up and they can see what's going on as Alway's ones are too absorbent! Didn't occur to me as I thought the mat ones looked tooooo big! Good luck x Oh used Mothercare ones and they were good-probably more expensive than others,
  • thanks for all the advice. think ill stick to the proper maternity pads to start with.

  • I bought boots with wings but the damn things kept ripping when i tried to get them out the wrapper. Luckily the hospital provided maternity pads. After 2 days i used always nighttime but did have to change them quite often. After a week i used normal always with wings.

    Def stick to normal maternity pads at first. The hospital ones were huge and i had to wear 2 at a time.
  • Mothercare ones were fab. Honestly didn't bleed as much as i thought i would so they were brill. Did use normal pads after about a week xxx
  • i used Mothercare and Boots then changed the Always Nighttime after about a week! x
  • I used mothercare but had to use 2 at a time image & changed very often! x
  • Nooooooooooooo! Mat pads!!!!!!

    vile horrible things, all fat and bulky and eurgh!
    ~I'd forgotten I'd have to wear them again........ *pukes*

    ah well, tescos own again for me...... (think thats what i got last time and they seemed ok...)


  • I'll be honest I'd bought some of the softest really lushy cloth nappies (not fitted ones, I bought both but dont cut up a fitted one image) for lo, and I cut one into thirds and folded it and used it in a big stretch ugly mat pants and it was alot better.... mind I have eczema and I found every brand of pad I tried made me soooo sooo sore at a time I really did not need more sore! Just a thought.

  • Hi hun,

    I used Asda's own maternity pads and found them to be excellent i would deffinatley reccomend them, they r really cheap too, very thick and long (lol sounds odd) xx
  • i bled so heavily i dont think a normally towel would have done the job so i would deff reccomend using maternity ones. plus the maternity ones are so much softer so more forgiving on sore lady parts!
  • I used boots own maternity ultra thin with wings. They were great better than the bulky towels were you keep checking to see if you can see them through your trousers. Quite cheap too, brought 2 packs and when they ran out uses always.
  • thanks for all your replys. very much appriciated. xx
  • I used Tesco and Boots, found the Tesco ones fine and cheaper. Although they look huge, they are sooo comfy if you're a bit sore below and provide a bit of cushioning when you sit down! I got through about 5 or 6 packets, so make sure you get at least 2 to start off with!

    Corinna x
  • always used mat pads!! apart from it being very easy for us Midwives to see how much you are bleeding (can tell if it a problem or not), i found that always wings were like a self waxing session every time i pulled my knicks down!! and at that, i'd had a c/s so didnt need to worry about sore bits or stitches!!
  • Hi
    I brought boots own,mothercare and tesco own and found the boots ones to be the softest on my sore bits!!.They are bulky but the extra padding comes in handy when you sit down. image
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