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worried :\?


Molly was at the baby clinic today getting her 2nd lot of jabs, she was very brave and only cried a little.

Anyway she got weighed and she has dropped 4 centiles since birth! The health visitor seemed concerned and showed her red book to a doctor, who said just to monitor it. She was a big baby at birth weighing 10lbs 14ozs!!! She is now down to the 50th centile from the top line.

She is fully breast fed so can't change her milk. Is only 13 weeks so not ready for solids and doesn't seem to need it yet anyway.

She feeds well, goes between 2-4 hours during the day and once during the nights around 4am.

She has lots of wet nappies and at least a poo a day and she isn't a sicky baby.....

Not sure what to do, the hv said I need to eat more.....? Very confused, she isn't a skinny baby, just right and nice and long. Surely she has just evened out and is down to what she should have been!? I had a very large placenta that must have been over feeding her!

What happens if she keeps dropping? I have to go back in 2 weeks to get her weighed again but am going to go back next week to make sure she is ok....... argh!

worry worry worry!



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  • Aw, hun, hopefully it'll be nothing to worry about. Riley dropped to the 50th line as well and has stayed there. I thought like you did that it was just him evening out. I'm sure this is what it'll be. The 50th is where they're supposed to be according to their own charts. xxx
  • thanks for the reassurance, that is what i thought and my son was always on the 50th for his weight and the top line for his height and at 2 years he is tall and perfect weight.

    Btw Splodge is a very cute nickname! x

  • I really wouldn't worry, she was pretty big at birth so you can't expect her to stay big, most children wind up about a similar size so it's only natural she slows down.
    I think as long as she is eating well and having wet nappies then you have absolutely no need to worry. Gabe has dropped a centile too he is now on the 75th centile but off the chart for height. It's normal!
  • Lol, thank you, not sure where it came from really! Forgot to say Riley is breast fed too and they did say he would even out with his gaining. xxx
  • hi there my son has always been up and down those silly charts and the health visitors can never make up there mind whether its ok or not , did they not tell u that the charts are based on bottle fed babies therefore a breast fed baby isnt going to follow the same line ?i stopped taking my son when he was 1 cos i was so fed up of the health visitors sayin he was too fat/thin or not doin what he was supposed to now i just go when im worried about something ........they even told my friend her babies head was too big as it was on the top line what is she supposed to do squash it??!!.........if u are not worried about ure lo then i wouldnt let them worry u either xxxxxxx
  • aw thanks girls, i feel a lot better about it now. It just gets you down when you try and do your best for them and it gets questioned!

    I think she is perfect! x

  • I agree that it is nothing to worry about. Barney was born on the 91st centile (9lb 7oz) but by 14 weeks he had dropped to the 25th centile. My hv team are pretty good, they asked about his feeding and sleeping, he was going 4 hours between feeds (bfing) and only waking once a night, and said that he obviously wasn't hungry!! Since then he's stayed nicely on that line, although the rate he eats his solids now he might not be staying on it long :lol: Apparantly it is quite normal for bfed babies to slow right down at that age, it's not reflected in the growth charts as they are based on ffed babies who tend to grow differently.
    She is very cute, I love her socks/slippers!
  • she now weighs 12lbs 8.5ozs at 13 weeks, does that sound about right?

    Her growth charts actually say Breast from Birth on them....

    thanks Bedhead, they are from Boots but way too big for her! :lol:
  • Is your growth chart for a formula fed baby or breastfed baby? They say breast at the top, but the trends actually follow babies fed with formula. Formula is bulky and nutritionally different than breastmilk, which is specifically designed for your baby. Formula fed babies tend to grow bigger quicker than bf babies. She looks the picture of've nothing to worry about. xoxox
  • yeah it does say Breast at the top of her charts.

    thanks, she does look very healthy and she has slimmed down since birth but she was nearly off the chart to start with! :roll:

    I'm not gonna stress about it and i'll just go back in 2 weeks like they asked and hope she sticks to the line. x
  • My 9 year old was 10lb 12oz at birth she too dropped to the 50th centile for weight, then she went up to the 75th for weight she is now tall for her age but her weight is still on the 75th centile. Anyway those red books are based on formula fed babies not b/f ones, she looks just fine and as she is hjappy and healthy I wouldnt worry. xx
  • that's good to know, thanks hayley. x
  • puh that book is annoying!! millie started on the 9th line but is now on the 50th but she sometimes dips and then goes up again. but hv said she may go back down again eventually. i think ur little girl is just perfect image xxx
  • aw thank you Jane, it is very annoying and health visitors are obsessed with it!!!! I am going to put her book away now and stop looking at it!

    Millie is such a cutie! x
  • My Hugo was 8 11 at birth, just above 75th centile. Now at almost 16 weeks he is following 50th centile - he also is breastfed.(he wsa last weighed at 14 weeks and was 13 13) He eats roughly every 3/4 hours during the day, sleeps from 11 pm till 6 am, has a boob and then sleeps till 9 30 - 10 am. And he is deffo not hungry inbetween, lol.

    Height wise he is a wooping 98th centile!

    So long and skinny! He gains about 300 - 450 grams every 3 weeks, which is not a lot.

    I think lil Millie is doing fine! Eating the boob, happy and all cute, so wouldn't worry.

    Is she actually losing weight? Or still gaining it, just slow?

    Happy New years to you guys!
  • Those bloody charts! They do like them so much don't they! They got all flappy at me cause they said they worry if a child crosses 2 percentile lines and cole went from 25th to 75th and a bit over but the different hv said he was fine so long as he was in proportion - kinda took the wind out of my sails cause I was all prepared to tell them i'd feed him when he was hungry and they could stickt heir charts! Your lo looks perfectly in proportion on the picture and certainly sounds like she's eating well.

    Try not to worry - especially if she's gaining weight!
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