Baby poos during a feed is this normal?

Ava literally poos during almost every feed, then cries when she comes off the breast. Is this normal or could she be allergic to something I am eating? My diet hasn't changed since she has been born but this just seems unusual to me...



  • It was for ds1 he pooed during every feed and often afterwards too!

    ds2 can go 4 days without pooing and he is fed exactly the same and my diet hasn't changed in 2 years!
  • jaocb does this from time to time, usually after a nappy change, we did stop changing him before a feed but he wouldnt feed then :roll:

    becca and jaocb
    9 weeks, 2 days
  • My lo will quite often poo during a feed or v shortly after, she doesn't really cry though. She'll latch off, wriggle around a bit and then do it and then I'll change her and she usually carries on feeding fine after a clean nappy.
    She usually poos 5-6 times a day and they vary in colour from yellow to a yellowy green and recently very green. I hadn't actually thought about wether she might be allergic to anything, but my diet is fairly healthy and like you not changed at all. Maybe I'll start to keep a food and poo diary to see if there is anything that stands out.

  • DS poos during/just after his morning feed and then again during/just after his lunch feed.

    K x
  • DD does this quite oftend. You can hear her tummy gurgling away and then out it blasts - it's quite funny sometimes!

    The only thing that bothers me about her pooing during a feed is that she has to come off the breast to do it and she often doesn't want to let go. So, she ends up squirming away in my lap with nipple still in her mouth until she really has to let go - painful!!

  • Ha ha - my LO didn't do this but used to always pass wind while I was breastfeeding - once my HV was round to 'witness' this and commented that it was very normal that when you filled one end it would make something happen at the other! x
  • yes my LO did this in the early days, I think milk stimulates the bowel. x
  • yep Aiden used to trump and pooh at every feed!! it was so noisy too and embarrassing in public!!LOL i'd forgotten about this till i saw your post! image xx its all very normal!!
  • Lily use to do this but would keep pushing feed away bcoz she couldnt enjoy while she was pooing put she use to cry as well. i asked the HV who said its perfectly normal and one end sets the other end off! lol

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