A poo question?

Basically Charlie is pooing lots!!! Normally goes 1-2 times aday (occasionally not at all during the day) well since yesterday he's been going loads, 4 or 5 times today so far!!! He had his 3rd lot of jabs on tues so wondered if it could be this?? We also started him on baby rice about a week ago plus he's teething but has been for a while. He's happy enough in him self and without being too disgusting the poo's are the same kind of texture as normal but are varying in colour from our usual korma style to greenish then brownish. Any thoughts???


  • Sounds exactly like Archie. EXACTLY like him infact. I've never worried as he's not constipated and what goes in must come out I guess. I'm sure it's fine. S x
  • It's sounds like Louise when she was teething, as soon as her first tooth cae is calmed down and then stopped pnce the 2nd popped through.

    It's horrid at the time but better thanbeing constipted!
  • Charlotte poos a lot when teething, sometimes up to 5 times a day.
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