What am I supposed to do with my 8 week old?

I know this is a really stupid question but this is my first baby. Am I supposed to entertain my 8 week old somehow? Sometimes i put her on her playmat and she'll look at the toys attached to it and coo a few times but then she cries so i have her lying on her beanbag most of the time where she tends to sleep a lot. Does she get bored? What can I do to stimulate her brain? I always talk to her and after changing/bath time we have a sing and a dance. Am I supposed to be doing anything else? I fear she's bored!



  • Hi hun,

    I think you are doing enough already. An 8 week baby will get tired very easily and probably sleeps most of the time. I can't remember exactly when my dd started to need more entertaining, but you will know. She will start taking more interest in things and reach out for toys. Just take her lead and try not to worry. I am sure you are doing a fab job image xxx
  • Hi my daughter is 7 weeks - I feel like I'm not doing enough either! Aila seems to love her changing mat so I talk and sing to her when she's on it, she spends some time each day on her bouncy chair kicking away and occasionally she'll go on her playmat for tummy time but she only lasts a few minutes before O have to turn her onto her back. I get a weekly update from baby entre suggesting games but to be honest I don't do may of them - they suggest things like sitting with baby in front of mirror making different gestures to see if baby will copy ( hubby has taught her to stick out her Tongue!) or when baby does something like raises his/her arm you copy them. I'm going to be starting rhyme time at local library soon - maybe it's worth finding out what groups are run in your area
  • Don't worry, she's still really little. We had a routine where Toby would wake, then I would feed him, change him and then we would play until he started yawning when I would put him down again. As the feeding times were quite long (30-40 mins, Toby was EBF), by the time we had done that and changed a nappy he could only stay awake for another 5-10 mins! This is completely normal - gradually that time will increase. Now he's awake for about 3 hours from waking from a nap to starting the next nap (at nearly 8 months) and as his feeds are now really quick that's a lot of entertaining!! Enjoy it while it lasts!

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  • I worried about this as well...there's always one Mummy you know who does *everything* going, and then some! Honestly, take the lead from your LO, if they want you to play with them, they'll let you know with smiles and cooing etc, and equally vice versa if they just want to nap. My DD is 5 months now, and still is quite happy either playing on her mat with a play arch, or in her bouncer with some toys, having a right good bounce! She doesn't need to be entertained by me that much, although obv. I do sit and play with her every day image

    Oh, and being happiest on their change mat when still little i.e. around 8wks, seemed to be a universal thing amongst the born in Mar babies!
  • we did something on 3 days a week. kindermusik one day, baby massage another, and a group. you could try:
    singing together,
    using a rattle (you hold it and shake it until baby can) to music,
    making the room dark and putting flashing toys on (you can get flashing ducks cheaply from the range and other places),
    tummy time each day,
    making faces at the baby for her to look at and copy,
    both of you look in the mirror and make faces for a minute (my dd loves this)
    reading and pointing at the pictures,
    walking around your house and touching different things, like cushions,
    hold a toy in front of her and get her to track it

  • My little girl was the same. I used to go shopping with her but that was about it. I tried baby groups and baby massage but she used to scream the entire time we were there. She slept a LOT through the day and i used to get very bored so i used the time to do things i knew i wouldn't be able to do in a few months time. So when she was asleep and the house work was done i would sit with a nice cuppa and watch my sex and the city box set! Ha ha. Honestly hun there isn't much you can really do with such a little baby. My girl is 15 months now and all we do is sing and dance and play and i love it! Such a difference to this time last year! image

  • thank you ladies, this is all very helpful image
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