does it have to be me taking LO for 8months check?

Does it have to be me that takes Lizzie for her 8 month check? I have the appointment made (came through on letter) but I really dont want to go image I obv want lizzie checked and make sure she is 100% (which im sure she is but i would never stop someone proffesional doing nessaccery checks for her wellbeing) but I dont want o see them. dont get me wrong my HV are the loviest women ever and very helpful but I know they are going to ask how I am and i will either 1-Lie or 20burst into tears and unfortunatly its more than likely to be the latter of the 2 at the moment!
I really dont want to see them as I feel there are alot more people out there with more things going on than me and well im a very stubbon person i dont take well to offers of help (due to always thinking of others and i dont want to take their time up when i know theres otheras that need it so much) and i hate talking about how i feel.
so can my hubby take her? I would phone and ask but what if they ask me why?
as most of you know, i have never admitted to feeling quite so crap ever and i am so sorry as as ive already said i know this might sound so silly compared to what alot of you may be going through and i am sorry. and im babbling now, so sorry please dont take offence if you do have proper problems and im wasting your time.


  • husband can take her image

    are you suffering from pnd mate??
  • you ok hun? x
  • thaks. ill be ok just having abit of an off day. think somethings are starting to settle for me and think im realising im not as strong as i first thought. anyway ill be ok. thanks for replys xx
  • hun, take her and talk to them, dont lie. I went to see my gp on Friday, it has taken me 91/2 months and they were great, if it is pnd you need to get help, you will feel better just telling them how you are xxx
  • *big hugs* and you know where us BIJ mummies are if you need to let it all out might help even just writing down how you feel without actually having to talk about it or tell people you 'know in real life' xxx
  • Aww hun, big hugs to you. Don't apologise for yourself and you wouldn't be wasting their time, you're just as important as anyone else. If you're feeling like that, maybe seeing them not lying would be the best option xx
  • Why don't you both go together? It might be a good idea to talk her, they are there to help everyone not just the most severe cases, it may make you feel better just to get it out and it would be good to have hubby there as support.

    hope you feel better.
  • Like others have suggested I would go and talk to them. There is absolutely no shame in telling them how you feel as they are there to listen and talk about all problems. The fact that you have lovely HV's is a great help also. Having your hubby there will be good support too and you may feel so much better for getting it off your chest.

    If it is baby related, us mums are not naturally born with the ability to cope with such a life changing event of having a child. Your HV knows this and will not think any differently of you telling her your problems. It is difficult, as I've always been someone who keeps everything in but I have now learnt that sharing a problem does definately make things easier to cope with.

    Sorry if I've gone on....hope you feel well soon. Big hugs xxxx
  • Thanks for replies. I will take her myself and have a word with her. I feel im coping ok with my girls but its other stuff. basically my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer not long after i found out i was pregnant-obv it ruined my pregnancy and although her treatment is finished and she is recovering but im still carrying my sisters and my dad to stop them feeling the pain and stuff.on top of that ive been trying to sort out my return to work since May which finally got sorted friday but i was meant to return sunday just gone but as obv May wasnt early enough to inform them I have agreed to take another 2 weeks annual leave and its just making me relive these awful 2 weeks before i have to leave Lizzie again image
    anyway thank you all for your kind words xx
  • Hun, it is a difficult situtation when your mum is diagnosed with breast cancer, my mum was diagnosed 2 years ago the year of my wedding, I was getting married abroad and wanted to cancel but my mum wanted us to continue it gave herself something to look forward to and the treatment only finished 1 week before we all flew out but it would have been the same for your mum and the pregnancy but you need to talk about it, I was badly affected when my mum was diagnosed and the stress does get to you xxx
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