Teething question!!!

This might be a stupid thing to ask but any answers are better than me getting myself in a state lol

Anyway, Tommy cut his two bottom teeth early in January but whilst doing that he was a really snotty full of cold baby. Since yesterday he has had a bit of a high temperature (which I am watching closely as my eldest son had a febrile convulsion caused by high temp) but he is eating, drinking and being pretty normal and not giving any other signs that he is poorly.

So my question really is - can cutting teeth cause a high temperature or is it a sign of infection anywhere?

Feel a bit stupid asking but just wondered what your experiences are and if they are similar.

Thanks ladies,


  • I agree with the above.
    At the moment Charlotte has a very snotty nose and she did have a temp of 38 last Thursday when she started with it. I'm not sure if it's cold or teething. She has never had snotty nose with teething before, and it is the season for colds.
    Not been much help really have i?!
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