Oh dear god....

....my head is killing!! (and my stomach and feet and eyes too!)
went out on a last minute night out with my friends and i am paying for it now!!

worst thing is, oh's off out in a few hours so im left holding the baby!
any hangover tips?


  • Don't get drunk? :lol: :lol: Sorry, I couldn't resist. I swear by mini cheddars, cheese and redbull when I'm hungover but I am a bit strange!
  • sleep while your OH is still in the house! & then a bath! you'll feel much better lol x
  • i slept till 9.30, feel a bit better after a big glass of tropicana, but as soon as i stand up im all dizzy and bleugh again!! do need a shower but the thought of taking my clothes off just makes me want to crawl back under my duvet!
    cams in bed, havennt even seen him this morning! babd mummy!! lol! xx
  • I always find that oat so simple with alot of sugar does it for me.
  • oooo poor you, flat coke helps me xxx
  • Big packet of hula hoops beef ones and a pint of milk weird but sorts me oiut everytime!!
  • mine having ahem lol, n then a big fry up lol
  • I had sugary tea...yum! then some beefy monster munch and a toffee crisp cookie. and lots and lots of milk!
    i feel ok now, had a short nap on the couch while cam had his afternoon nap so feel ok!
    thanks for the support ladies...i needed it!! lol!
    its oh's turn tomorrow, he's out tonight so im stopping in with Noel edmonds!

    just remembered....i was so drunk i sang CALL ME! by Blondie on the karaoke!! ohhhhh nooooooo the shame!!!
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