requesting reduced hours on return to work

does anyone know how to go about it? do i just tell them or is there a special form?

it is a way off but i want to see if i can get away with working very few hours so working the 3 months to avoid paying my maternity pay back wont be so hard.

thankyou x


  • There is no form I know of - when I wanted to return part time I wrote a letter to my employer stating what hours days etc I wanted. And took it from there.
  • I work in a college so when I have my return to work meeting I am going to discuss then working reduced hours, I know they are pretty flexible, I think most places have to be now but there is no form that I know of.
  • Have a read on directgov - I think you have to apply 14 weeks before you are due to return to work, but depends on your employers and your relationship with them. My original request was delined and I had to appeal the decision, I eventually got the hours I wanted but in a different location
  • Hi PP. In nursing I think you have to have an informal meeting with your ward sister. In my opinion whether needed or not a letter can't hurt, outlining what you wish to do. Whether you send this in to pre-warn them, or take it with you is probably up to you. I think 16 hours is the least you can do, to avoid losing benefits. At least that's what my friend who returned back to work end of last year does. I think there is a time when you need to go in, as someone said it might be 15 weeks before return to work. HTH. xx
  • I told my boss before I went on maternity leave that I would be coming back part time and luckily he was fine with it.

    I'd only have to work for a month to ensure I didn't have to repay my maternity leave if I was going back full time but as I'm going back part time (2 days a week) I'd have to do the equivalent hours to make up a full time month if that makes sense?

    It would be worth checking your policies and guidance to see if this would be the case for you if you're planning to leave?

  • Hey hun there is a form and some guidelines for completing it. Follow the link and good luck xxx
  • thankyou, HR rekon theres no minimum hours so i'm gonna try for 7.5 hours a week as i dont want to be there at all!!
  • I'm not sure if you claim them or not, but if you work less than 16 hours you don't qualify for working tax credits. xx
  • Will you have accrued enough annual leave to take you down to minimal hours for 3 months? That way, you still get paid for full-time, and use your entitlement before you leave (if that's what you're planning?) xx
  • i will only have 4 montha holiday acrewed so i couldnt do that, i doubt they would let me anyway, we do a week of 34 hours and a week of 45. if i dont ask for less than 12 hours i would have to do long days so i wouldnt see jacob at all, i dont have anyone to care for jacob and putting him in a nursery all day wouldnt be worth me going to work sadly, as hubby and i work a long way from home and would have to have him in nursery from 7 until 7

    hubby earns more than me so the tax credits we would be entitled too wouldnt be worth applying for like ??8 a month or something
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