Hello ladies, hope you are all well this evening.
We have been weaning Neve for a couple of weeks now and she is getting on well with it and really enjoys eating. So far she likes Carrots, Parsnips, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, butternut squash, sweet potato and mango. I tried her today on Brocolli and Cauliflower and she wasn't keen at all. I don't see her not liking it as a problem because I can try her again on it in a few days but I do wonder if I have been giving her too much sweet and not enough savoury. What do you think, do I need to cut down on sweet? (she is 18 wks which I know is early for weaning but hv agreed she was very ready!)



  • Hi Lottie - It may be because she prefers/ is used to sweet flavours but it could be because broccolli and cauliflower have such strong tastes. when I weaned my older son if there was anything he wasn't sure about or that was particularly strong I would mix it in with baby rice so he could get a hint of the flavour and get accustomed to it slowly. Glad your hv supported you - how many solid meals does she have a day? my 5 month old has 2 but he just is so not interested in milk and I think he's ready for 3 meals a day but don't want him to have less milk than he is now because I think they're supposed to have about 20oz aren't they?
    best of luck, julesy xx
  • Hi Julesy,
    I give her fruit with her morning feed at 7am and then veg (or veg mixed with fruit) at 3. She is still taking 7oz per feed 4 times a day with about 3oz on the dream feed but the last couple of days she gets the hump when she sees its a bottle coming her way and not a spoon! I think 20oz a day is what the minimum should be, how much milk does your lo take if you give him solids at the same feed?
  • he will take normally 4 or 5 oz - sometimes only 2 or 3. When he has solids after he is just so desperate to have the solids - its as if he just can't be bothered with the milk. he was like this before i put him on solids and of course then he is never full up.
    he has milk 5 times a day and porridge with his 1st milk of the day and veg or baby rice with the feed at about 4 or 5.
    he doesn't seem to like milk but at the moment drinks it because he needs to!?
  • Will he take the milk after the solids?
  • I did try that - but he just isn't interested. I tend to just persist and he has a little at a time and eventually might have a decent ammount. he has been a lot better since being on solids - if I think he hasn't had enough milk I try and sneak an extra feed in after his bath between his tea and his dream feed but he doesn't tend to have very much then either!
  • Well you know your lo is ok with sweet pots and carrots so try adding broccoli and cauliflower to it and then gradually cutting down on teh seet pots and carrots, i had to do this with paige as she liked anything at the beginning with sweet pots in.....she also has a lot of sweet stuff, i give fresh fruits for breakfast, fresh cooked and frozen savoury followed by fresh fruit for lunch and fruit for tea, although i was giving weetabix for her tea but she seems to have gone off of them lately. she's 9 months now and likes most things, although she is off her food at the minute i think its because of the weather.
  • Thanks Bigmumma that makes sense, will go with that.
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