My husband on tele in 10 mins

You might recognise him,
Channel 3. the films called Troy!
He's the gorgeous blonde lead character!
Ogle away!


  • ha ha ha wish, i wish and the rest of the ladies in this forum wish.

    But i bet it gets loads of views lol.

  • ooo what a coincidence, my husband is on tv tomorrow night!! :lol:

    itv2 9pm!
  • My husband is on too- the simpsons- he's Bart's Dad!!
  • You mean hes a mormon listef cos he's married to me too :lol:

  • Gonna go have an ogle but its Mrs SB's hubby im after - esp in his little blue trunks!!

    He is definately the one true Bond lol
  • mine is also on tomorrow on itv 2 jensen ackles(dean in supernatural)

    i wish

    kerry xxx
  • mine is also on tomorrow on itv 2 jensen ackles(dean in supernatural)

    i wish

    kerry xxx

    ermmmmm noooooooooo!!! i dont think sooooooooo!!!!! :lol:
  • i do think so, his bro aint bad either lol

    kerry xx
  • i named my son after him :lol:

    u can have Jared Padalecki then image lol have to agree he's kinda cute too! my mum likes him!!! x
  • Oooooooo Listef, are you really married to him? Is your name angel.....angelina or something?
    Wow, your one lucky motherfuc...!

    He's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lol!!
    well i didnt want to say ne thing before now 2u lovely ladies as i didnt want to make u jealous, but mine is on sky1 tomorrow (LOST)- u may have heard of him- hes called SAWYER ha ha ha
    image image image
  • Had to reply to this, mrsjbourne and stokes 911, I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve Sam and Dean! Can't decide which one though, so won't fight you, i'll just settle with Ryan in csi miami.
    I asked my hubby who he would pick out of them if he had to the other night for a laugh. I then asked between Bobby and John Winchester,and I said i'd pick John. He turned around and said "but Bobby is such a nice person!" but really meaning it, lol. Just really made me laugh, very sweet, picking his men based on personality when mine's always looks based, ha. Probably sound like a right weirdo now, was just curious what his "type" wuld be if he were a woman, haha. xxx

  • ooo i dunno John Winchester was a bit perv-looking if u get what i mean? lol!! oooo 10 hours to go lol!! x
  • My oh was on telly last Sunday and he's in a new film with Nicole Kidman.......of course it's Hugh Jackman!
  • Lol mrsjbourne, "perv looking" Not long now, 2 hours! xxx
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