Weaning a lactose intolerant baby? Any advice?

Hi we have just found out after 5 and a half months of nightmare feeding that Joseph is lactose intolerant! We are starting to wean him now and I don't really know what implications this will have. We've been prescribed soya milk and obviously I can mix that with his baby rice but the baby cereal seems to have whey and stuff in it so presume that can't be used. Have lots of fruit and veg. puree cubes in the freezer which will be fine but not so filling I guess. Has anyone been through this and can offer advice? Thanks for reading, haven't posted in a while as back at work image


  • hi there, ds is 7 months and was diagnosed with milk intolerance/ allergy. we started weaning at 23weeks with baby rice mixed with wysoy, adn just veg and fruit purees, once he was over 6 months we added a few more things. there are a few cereals out there, organix mainly, that are milk and lactose free and they have a tic list on the side that say whetehr or not they contain it. tesco do a dairy free cheese sauce which we use to make him cheese pasta or cheesy veg. u can give him alpro soya yoghurts, pure soya cheese spread and marge, and 'cheezy' cheese lol. OH half and i like a curry now and a agin and tesco do a dairy free tikka masala sauce (ok not great for babies , but once in a while its fine) i'm trying to think on the spot lol. ellas kitchen (if u want ready made) are pretty much all milk and lactose free, and most organix meals are too. basically we feed ds what ever we're having but tweak it slightly if ours contains dairy, altho if we have cheesey pasta we now use the dairy free stuff as its surprisingly nice and much easier than making 2 lots. once ur doing finger foods, ds loves rice cakes, bread, toast etc (bread doesn't contain milk usually so no need to by a special one)and normal adult soya milk can be usd in cooking (just as cows milk can for non intolerant babies) which i find easier to do than to make up his formula to use for cooking . my minds gone bank lol, but if thers any other questions then ask on here or hit my email button lol

    and i remember the relief once he was diagnosed too, he almost changed over night it was fantastic, just wish they hadn't taken so long to listen to us. hope jospeh starts to feel better now and that u find things easier now

    take care xx
  • Thanks siany that is SO helpful. I was wondering about cheese sauce as lots of the AK recipes include it. And thanks for the tip re. cereals too - will go and study the backs of some packets! lol It's good to know there is some ready made stuff he can have in case of emergencies or whatever as well. Here's hoping he becomes more settled now! x
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