Food Blenders

I was wondering which food blender you would recommend to puree/blend food for my LO.
I'm not really a 'dab hand' in the kitchen so i've never bought one!
Any help would be much appreciated


  • i did have the anthony worral-thompson one, but it blew it up!
    so just got a cheap hand blender and that does the job just as well, if not better, was only about ??6 in argos and the ATW was about ??50! i'd jsut get a hand blender, even if ur batch cooking the portions for weaning and babies are so small anyway that a jug blender is just too big and u u can still blend just as much in a bowl or tub with the hand blender and much eaiser to get the exact consistency u wnat xx
  • I agree definately a stick handheld one. I have a Breville whizz stick and it's awesome. I found it perfect for when I blended up my son's food and it's great for mash potato to make it nice and fluffy in seconds! It's a bit more exy but I use it all the time in general in the kitchen so it was well worth the money for me.
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