Concussion??? Worried as he keeps bashing his head!!!

Hi girls,

What are you supposed to look for after babies bash their heads to check for serious injury. Poor little Callum is in the wars as he is learning to crawl/walk/stand and we have hard floors everywhere, its a nightmare and i'm watching him like a hawk but he's still falling over fairly regulalry quite hard ( twice today from sitting and a cut above his eye) i'm terrified he's going to give himself concussion or something.

I know your are supposed to keep an eye on them after they bash their heads but what am i looking for exactly? He usually does it when he's tired so should i let him sleep or not.....??


  • I would look for any excessive sleepiness, vomiting, seems to have trouble concentrating or with his balance or even any fits after hitting his head. If you are concerned I would def ring out of hours docs/nhs direct.

    I know what you mean though about the hard floors. When my lo sits up in the kitchen on the tiled floor I start to worry in case she wobbles over. Trouble is you can't watch them all the time and wrap them up in cotton woold. It's inevitable they are going to fall and hurt themselves sometimes but it doesn't make it any easier.
  • Thanks ccbmommy, i'll keep an eye on him.I think he's ok, he went to sleep soon after the last tumble but he was tired anyway so i think hes ok, he's a tougher cookie than me albeit rather clumsy!! its awful isn't it, they are desperate for independence and like you say, you can't follow them round with cushions forever!!! Thanks for the advice xx
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