sheets and bedding help

hi, since jayden has been born hes been in grobags, i now want to get him a nice bedding set any recomenations?

also if he sleeps with blankets does he have to sleep at the bottom off his cot hes 9 months? when can he have a duvet and pillow? i want a nice bedding set but hav always been scared of putting him to sleep with sheets .. xxx


  • They aren't supposed to have duvets and pillows until 12 months +.
    You can try putting him at the bottom of the cot and tuck him in but if he's anything like my lo he'll be at the top in no time.
    I've just ordered one of these but they are pricey but here's the link so you can have a looky for yourself:

    You have to buy a pillow & duvet separately. Grobag do the duvet to match and you can get cot bed pillows from places like Amazon.
    With this set they can't put the pillow over their head as it's attached to the bottom sheet, and the duvet zips to the bottom sheet too so they can't fall out of the cot (when you remove the side).
    It says to used from 2 yrs plus. My lo is 13 months and I'm planning on using it later on in the year but got it as there was money off at the moment.
    Otherwise places like Mothercare & Next do nice sets. Mamas & Papas also do lovely ones but their prices can be a little high.
    Hope my essay has helped you!!
    Hayley xx
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