hi can someone please lift my spirits and tell me that colic does end! lo is now 11wks and has got it really bad have tried everything nothing works hv just say well it does not hurt which i think is crap how do they know. also say that jack is being clingy and that just let him cry. every time i put him down he goes made even after a feed a good wind and being sat upright for 1 hr after every feed. he wont let me put him down for a min. i for sure he that he is not doing it because he wants ta be held all the time. its really starting to get me down I'm not able to enjoy him. when i take him out he is screaming in pain the whole time. I'm just hoping it will end so he is so sweet and loving its just not fair that he sud go though this.
tori & jack XX :cry:


  • ello sweetcheeks!
    it does go eventually....just seems like forever doesnt it. i got the same crap from our hv too, they are bl**dy useless. i dont think theres alot you can do, as you have tried averything. can you see if the doc will prescribe anything? or change his bottles do the ones with the strange anti colic valves?
  • Tori - it does pass hun. I think we spoke before on my trapped wind thread a while back. At 13 weeks Matthews evening howls stopped, he burps like a trooper now and seems much more settled. Hes still clingy and can't self settle for his naps, but I always had to rock him and hold him to soothe his colicky pain, so he knows no different. We're gently working on that and he can now play happily on his play mat for half an hour on his own and hes starting to learn to self settle at night. I felt exactly like you, couldn't enjoy Matthew as he cried all the time, felt like a useless mother, and I probably cried and screamed as much as he did! I had a patronising hv who said it'll pass and told me to get on with it. I didn't believe it would pass as Matthew was so uncomfortable. And all around me everyone elses baby was quiet and cooing. It didn't seem fair. Coulda shoved her pen somewhere unpleasant! I promise it will go. Its ok to cry and shout. Make sure you get a breather. I think you said before you lived with your parents? Grab any help they offer to get you through this very difficult phase in Jacks life.
    Take care.xx.
  • You don't say if you are breast or bottle feeding.....but I bottle feed my baby and have been using the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti-Colic valve bottles. My lo has not had colic - might be the bottles that have helped...?
    She has suffered with bad wind at times though which is nowhere near as bad as what colic sounds like.
    Some HV's are too matter of fact with their advice and should give individual attention to us all like we deserve!
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