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Hey there, I am a primary school teacher and have been back at work for a month after 9 months maternity leave. Thing is ... I can't wait to TTC again, my hubbie and I have always wanted our children close together. I know I only have to be back for 6 months but was wondering how long you thought it was acceptable to be back before getting pregnant again ... don't want to piss the head off! I feel a bit of extra pressure as I've come back to a new year group and am also SLT. So, what's your opinion? Any views welcome!


  • Hello,

    I too am a primary school teacher.

    I would defo say start TTC when you are ready and sod your head!!!

    I was back after 7 months off for 2.5 weeks when I applied and got a deputy headship at another school to start in September.

    Yes, in our job it is important to be dedicated to our schools and children, but at the end of the day, you work to provide for your family and if you want to increase your family, then go for it!! (In my opinion!)

  • Thank you Mrs Bammy!
  • I agree with MrsBammy. Start to TTC when you are ready! I was on the SLT before I had Lily and going back to work was ok last time. Hopefully I'll start maternity at end of October and go back after May half term next year and start to apply for jobs before my maternity leave runs out, so I have a new job for September. We have an acting head at the min so it'll probably be a new head anyway if I go back so I don't have any ties to them if you see what I mean? And I am really unhappy at my school now so I have to do what is right for me and my family as MrsBammy says.

    Good luck with the TTC.
  • im with the others work to live dont live to work xx
  • Yep - I agree with everyone else! The job takes up so much of our personal / home lives most of the time - consider it payback! x
  • Go for it!! I see where you're coming from, cos this is something I have thought about, but in the end there's nothing they can do if you fall preggers again, and as kayecee said, the job already takes over our lives, so try not to worry and let it influence your wants for children close together, in the end what's more important?!
  • Yup, agree with everyone else! We've had a few teachers come back from mat leave pg again - it's what happens! We're planning to start TTC again around the time I go back to work (having a year off), so fingers crossed I'll only be back for a year or so!! xxx
  • i agree. i am going back in jan (officially dec) and planning to start ttc then too. if we fall 1st montg, i know highly unlikely, i might only haave to do until july. fingers crossed!
  • Thanks everyone. I know my head (who is not a family person) will be mighty peeved but I guess I'll kick myself in years to come if I changed my family plans to suit the school. Think we're going to start TTC in Aug when DD is 1. Eeeeeeeeeeek, exciting! x

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  • Don't worry at all. Any head who employs (mainly) female staff, with many between the ages of 25-40, knows that finding maternity cover is part of their job!

    We have had a couple of teachers and TAs who conceived while on maternity leave so only actually came back for a couple of months in between. It happensimage

    The Head is paid to smile, say congratulations and get on with finding cover.

    Good luck ttc x
  • Littlerose - my head was gobsmacked when I told her I was having another baby. She was utterly convinced I was like her - have one baby, throw yourself into your job and make your way to the top asap. How wrong was she! She openly admits she doesn't like babies and children (she is a primary head and trained to work in nursery!!!!)

    Glad you've made a decision! xx
  • happysmurf my head wouldnt do that at all! in fact i bet she'd take my point of me. she's done it with other people. and with 2 of them she didnt even tell them, they found out in their pay packets!
  • happysmurf my head wouldnt do that at all! in fact i bet she'd take my point of me. she's done it with other people. and with 2 of them she didnt even tell them, they found out in their pay packets!


    I hope they went straight to their union?
  • no! i dont get why they didnt. i think its because under the new system points are temporary.
  • i am a primary teacher as well and started ttc as soon as i had had ds1 told her i was ttc when i went back to work (not a happy bunny) now have ds2 as well and went back when he was 4 months old. As soon as af appears(still bf) we will be ttc no3 - not telling her this time

    sorry rambling what im trying to say is go for it as you dont want your headteacher to affect your personal life. as happysmurf said - they are paid to sort these things out while smiling.
  • Thank you everyone. Yep my head will be secretly seething but as long as she puts a brave face on it that's fine by me.

    Calleigh - that's awful! I actually hinted at giving up my TLR when I was preggers last time and she was having none of it, I can take it or leave it though x
  • me too. i am just so past caring. you put in so many hours and it gets ignored. they didnt even send me a card when dd was born! no acknowledgement whatsoever.
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