My husband and I have recently got the Jane Slalom. The only problem we have is that it keeps getting punctures. We are now thinking of changing it, I got it to help with my arthritis (I struggle to push a lot of other prmas and the 3 wheels was a lot easier). I have heard that the icandy peach has foam wheels - are there any other prams like this. X


  • The bugaboo has foam filled Tyres too. Not 3 wheels but very light and easy to steer x
  • There is a product called Slime you can buy from Halfords which you fill into the tyres and it stops any punctures from happening. I think its about ??8 a can but it has to go into tyres that have not had any previous punctures, so you would also have to buy new inner tyres. Not cheap but less expensive than a new pram.

    Cat xxx
  • and if you google 'bluetube tyre inners' they are solid inners made off some special rubber stuff.

    note: dont just google 'blue tube' you get some well dirty porno stuff lol!x
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