deperate for him to sleep through!

Hiya my LO is now four months old and i would love him to sleep through the night!

I have just started him on solids a few weeks ago and he has mainly formula during the day and breast milk at night because he started refusing to feed off me unless he was really sleepy. He weighs about 16 and a half pounds and will eat whatever you put in front of him and drinks from an eight oz bottle til he is sucking on air.

He is in a routine where he wakes at three o clock every morning and i dont know whether he is truly hungry...he will always drink off me for 10-15 mins and then sleep til half six. We give him his last bottle at ten pm... I know a lot of babys will sleep from seven til seven.

Do you think there is anything i could do differently cos getting up in the night seems harder now...maybe my hormones have run out lol!
Thanks, Lauren


  • My lo sleeps 7.30 - 5ish without a feed. From 5 -7 it's a combination of dummy, cuddle or if desparate I take him in with me (not advising you start doing the latter!) but like you at about 16lbs I knew he didn't really want his night feed and it was just a habit. So when he woke looking for a feed I offered him water. It was tough and he cried a bit but after a couple of nights he stopped waking at 3ish for a feed. I just have to fix the early morning waking next !! S x

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  • thanks for your replies so far. i do want to try to get him to settle himself in the night without a feed cos he does it really well when i put him down at night but my OH will hate it, he is a very light sleeper and i get an elbow in the side and kicked out of bed when he is crying to shut him up!maybe try over the weekend when my OH doesnt have to get up for work...although i do explain that its not like i sleep all day either!

    He is drinking about twenty eight oz of formula, three meals and two breast feeds at mo!!imageimageimage
  • Crumbs he shouldn't be hungry then!!! Sounds like you are doing a grand job- I think the settling without boob in the night is a good idea.
    Best of luck though- we know it should work but does he?????
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