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What car seat does everyone have??

I have a Graco Autobaby one that came with the travel system and it's crap. I bought an Isofix base so it was easy to get in and out of my fiesta (2 door!) but the when the car seat is on the base, it is tilted way too far forward and there's no other way it will lo is only 3 wks on Friday and though hes got good head control it still would flop forward a bit grrrrr stupid isofix! Ffs they are made for newborns arent they??

So I am having to fit the seat every time we go out which is annoying.

I have heard of birth to 4 seats, are they front facing and easier to fit?xxx


  • No, they still face backwards and are really hard to get lo in and out of in a 2 door car. Have you tried using the seat without the base? I had exactly the same problem with the last car I had, it was coz the back seat sloped backwards so the seat didn't sit flat.
    How are you and Gabe getting on, he's so cute in your avatar, makes me smile every time I see it!
    Kerry xx
  • Yeah, atm we're using it without the base which is a PAIN fitting it every time in a 2 door as I'm sure you know! Lol. We should have been more prepared, oh has a capri which as we havent even attemtpted to use the seat in haha! I guess I will just have to sit it out and wait to use the base when Gabe is holding his head up properly.

    We are doing well thanks! - Not too bad. He is awake all day and by 5pm he is getting really whingy, I think he fights sleep, but at least he sleeps quite well at night! He is gorgeous though, me & oh fight over who holds him!

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  • I threw a major wobbler last weekend. Hubby thought I should learn how to fit the car seat and I just can't do it! I can't manange to get the isofix base in properly and on the rare times I can I can't get the stupid thing back out of the car. Hubby has now decided to teach me how to thread the seatbelt through incase I get stuck when on my own. I was nearly crying with the stupid base! I know they are meant to be safer but I can't manage it.
    Good luck at finding a new one!

  • I have the mamma's and pappa's primmo viaggio (or whateva it called) it fits on the pram anyway. We have the opposite problem to u tiger lily. We bought the base and have no prob using that but I tried to put the car seat in on it's own at weekend and it wouldn't fit the seatbelt was too small. Only way I could fit it was to have it tilted really far forward. Rhys is 5 months now but he was still leaning really far forward I couldn't have him like that.
    I have a corsa btw.
  • Can you get one of those tube thingys that look like pipe lagging to go under the base to raise it up? It goes at the back of the car seat in the join between the seat cushion and the back and is wedged in place by the car seat base.

    We have the mothercare atlan one which we had mothercare check it fitted in the car and it was a little too far forwards in our old car so the mothercare chappy mentioned these pipe thingys. Lovely taxi driver wrote off our old car though and it fits better in the new one..w e have a little level indicator thingy so we know its fitted right.

    Apparently a lot of fords have the same problem with the short seatbelts.. we can't fit the seat without the base in the back of our car..or is it the front.. I can't remember.. we just use the base. I used the car seat in my mums car without the base..its a 3 door car and what a pain in the backside it was fitting it. Didn't help that the first time I strapped Cole in I used the front seatbelt instead of the rear one!! Clever eh!
  • Oops..forgot to say.. congrats on Gabe's arrival.. he's such a cutie. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I was pregnant too and we were talking on the pregnancy forum!
  • hi i have the pretty standard maxi cosi and it's base works really well for me, which i'm so thankful for as i've also got a 2-door! cor i don't know why people complain about us mum's having huge cars lol
    and Gabe is so so so gorgeous!!! he just looks like such a perfectly contented little baby, no wonder you and oh fight over him lol xxx

  • I have a Maxicosi cabrio with an isofix base, though I have to get oh to get it in and out between cars. My car is only a tiny 2 door and I just struggle getting the base in properly, so I make him do it!
  • Everyone has been really helpful, thanks! Lara, my oh fitted the base and he spent ages struggling with it with his dad lol so I presume they tried everything...

    Kia, I hadnt heard of those! I will have to get one! xxx
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