Tens Machine?

Hi ladies

Im booked to have a home birth with my 2nd baby in September & would like to buy a Tens machine to use. I didn't use one with my daughter who was born in March 09 so Im not sure which one to choose.

Any advice from anyone who used one in labour would be greatfully recieved!

Many thanks


  • I hired one from Mama Tens and the service was fab. It arrived nice and early so got to have a practice with it. In labour I found mine didn't help at all and was actually quite uncomfortable. I think people either love them or hate them. I did find it helpful to be fiddling with it during contractions as it (sort of) kept my mind off it, but I think I wouldn't bother with it next time
  • I hired one as well from Boots. As Katels said, the service was good and there was plenty of time to practice. I found it very effective, mainly because using the boost button was really good distraction during contractions, but I did have a relatively quick first labour, which helped.

    Good luck for September. So exciting! image
  • Thanks for the replies ladies! image I'll look into both of those!
    I had a relatively quick labour with Millie so hoping this one isn't really any quicker or earlier (36weeks gestation & 4 hour labour from waters breaking until birth!)

    Im hoping this one stays put until at least 37 weeks so I can have my home birth!

  • And I thought I did well at 9.5 hours! I hope you get your home birth, hun, and that it is all quick and easy for you. x
  • I bought the lloyds pharmacy one (same price as hiring and didn't want to have to remember to return it). It got me through the last five hours at home before we went in at 5cm. Can't say it was great pain relief, but a brilliant distraction technique. Fingers crossed for your home birth x
  • I'll second mama tens! Very good, and great service.

    Em x
  • I hired the Elle TENS through mothercare and used just that and gas&air throughout my labour (recorded labour 6h48mins - actual labour 27h40mins from first contraction till birth :P ). The boost button was fab and I'll be using this one again next time round!

    Jana & Jakob 8+5 xxx
  • i brought the lloyds one too, it was great! x
  • I had the elle too, got to 9cm on just that and paracetamol (fat lot of use that was). Make sure it has a boost button and get some sticky plaster tape we needed some to keep the pads stuck on!
  • I had a Verity Medical one from ebay, was recommended by hubby's physio.

    I used it throughout my induction (had contractions etc for about 12 hours) and got through the whole thing with that, gas and air and some painkillers. I still had it on whilst I was pushing, but it wasn't doing anything by then!

    Best tip is to start it as soon as possible to give time for the endorphins to build up.
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