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My husband works for a small family firm and his bosses have recently had a baby. The mum brings the baby into work most days and is there for anything from 2 to 8 hours. She brings the baby in the carseat and leaves her in there all day, only taking her out to feed her.
He has dropped a few subtle hints about how comfy our LO was in his carrycot and do they use theirs much etc and they said no she is really comfy in her carseat.
Do you think we should mind our own business and let them do what they want with their baby or do you think he should tell them it's actually not good for her to be in a carseat for 8 hours at a time? This is their 5th child so I am not sure how receptive they would be to advice from someone with 1 baby?!?!


  • Oooh tough one - my first thought is to say nothing but then you'd feel awful if the baby suffered neck/back problems from being in it too long too and the couple later say they didn't realise it could do damage. I think I would have to say something in a conversational way e.g. we saw something on the internet the other night that was a worry, especially if we go on long journeys but ......" and lead into it that way asking does it not concern them too - then it really is their responsibility and fingers crossed they see sense! xx
  • Honestly, if it's her 5th child she ought to know better, so I think your words would be wasted. It probably wouldn't stop me from bringing something similar up in conversation though, probably about a car journey so not directly linked. But if she is the type of person that is happy to keep her child in a car seat for that length of time, bring her to work (WTF!) then I don't think she'd take any subtle hints you may drop. Sorry if I've spoken out of turn but it's a pet hate of mine xx
  • i agree with apple pie. it's even on websites that sell car seats that it's 2 hours max. maybe point them in the direction of it. say you've just read this, how suprised, did they know.
  • I'm more worried about a baby being taken to work for 8 hours!! How can they do this? How old is baby? Does the baby just lie there? My LO would not have coped not being cuddled for this long at a time!
  • I'm in a similar position-a relative of my colleague is giving her 10 week old rusks in her bottle and yoghurts. It's something I've read about people doing and thought 'no that can't be true-no one could be that stupid' but she really is doing it and is proud-as if it's a milestone than her lo has achieved early.

    I've agonised over saying something and decided not to-her relative is an intelligent woman, they wouldt want to hear what I had to say on the matter and it would make my life in work hell, quite frankly, I don't need the stress!

    Sorry to hijack your thread-good luck with whatever you decide, personally I wouldn't say anything x
  • She is 4 weeks, they took her in for the first time when she was a few days. It is their company and they only have 2 employees so it wasn't really possible for her to take any maternity time although I totally agree I don't think she should be taking her into work, especially not for that long.

    Well my OH came home from work today saying they have decided because she is there so much to buy a swing to leave there. At least she will be out of the car seat but it's barely any better, she is still not lying flat. I also kind of get the feeling they want something to keep her quiet when she starts getting fed up!!

    I think she gets plenty of cuddles, mainly from my OH though when he is missing LO lol! I keep telling him he should take LO in and say he thought it was bring your baby to work week lol!

    They are very much the 'been there done that' kind of parents and a bit stubborn about lots of other things too (OH doesn't enjoy being there at all) so I don't think they would take kindly to him saying anything and are a bit too thick/pigheaded to take subtle hints. I disagree with a lot of their parenting styles tbh but it's not my place to judge, it's just when it is blatently bad for the baby that I find it hard to ignore.

    Thanks for your advice. I think saying directly to them that we had been told not to leave him in the carseat for more than 2 hours is the only way they will listen, even then I doubt it!
  • If she went in when she was less than 2 weeks postpartum I think she's breaking the law whether her baby is there or not!

    Whilst I don't doubt your motives I don't think much good will come of you saying anything and it sounds like they won't listen anyway, so I'd keep quiet and save your OH the hassle. Some people are determined to parent in a stupid and damaging fashion regardless of sensible advice. Oh the stories I could tell of a local babe who was weaned at 8 weeks on baked bean sauce and chocolate buttons. Oh yes.
  • seems like they wouldnt take mush notice and its probably not worth hubby getting on the wrong side if they are likely to be funny about it, i cant imagine taking my baby into work all day, hoe does anyone get anything done?
  • i wouldnt give yourself the hassle she is obviously not going to listen if shes doing this with number 5 its not like the info isnt out there AND

    8 weeks on bb and buttons wtf!!!!!! some people arenuts!
  • G/C I had a client who gave a 6 week old baby corned beef hash because "they liked it!" And yes, social services were involved pretty sharpish!

    x x
  • Jesus how do these people manage to get through life without killing themselves or other people, how stupid do you get??? Beans, seriously??

    Thanks for your advice everyone, I would tend to agree that he shouldn't say anything, it is going to be hard to bite his tongue every day but it's not worth the hassle. The boss is a pathalogical liar and a bit volatile so he is better keeping his head down until he finds another job!

    So sick of everything being difficult all the time, he really needs to get a stable job and stay there for a while,
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