Taking lo to a swimming pool

Hey wonderful ladies, how are you all? sad about some of the bothering posts i read lately here.
Anyway, wanted to ask you for another advice, for many reasons (the main are moving and having to pump my milk every 3 hours) i couldnt take my lo to a baby swimming course.
I live somwhere where the pool is only 27 degrees warm, my lo is 8 months old, i wanted to take ker with OH to that pool.
Is that too cold for her? i read somewhere that it should be 30 degrees.



  • I think at that age the temp of the pool is less important - just don't stay in as long. Watch for signs that your LO is cold and stop as soon as you see them.

    What will she be wearing in the pool? Toby wears a little baby wetsuit which would keep him really cosy in any temperature. If this is a pool you will be using regularly maybe you could look into that?

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  • It probably is too cold. At work we are going to be doing a baby swimming class and the recommended temp is 30 degrees (32 for babies under 6 months). I used to go to one pool with my lo and it was freezing. It would've been OK for me if I was swimming but when I was just playing with lo it was awful - and my lo's 2yrs old now! I've stopped going there and now go to a different pool which has 'warm water days'. My lo can stay in for 1 hour 15 mins now and you can't drag him out whereas at the other pool his lips were blue after 45mins and he didnt want to get out. You can always try it, you'll know when its too cold xx
  • hello

    we have lessons where its 31 degrees and are advised to use baby warmers if going into local pools and that half an hour is about the right length of time for LOs in the pool, we got a baby warmer from mothercare and more recently from the waterbabies website x

  • thank you very much ladies, that was really useful. i will buy a baby warmer then
  • I feel bad now, have taken ds swimming from 9weeks, never thought to get him a warmer! Have always gone in 'baby-pools' but don't know what temp they've been. He always been happy and have just got out as soon as he's shown any signs of getting cold, which has gradually meant being in there longer and longer, we went last week at 16weeks and managed about 25mins.
    Have fun xx
  • I took my 13 week old for the 1st time today and he LOVED it! No idea what the temp was but he stayed in for 40 mins!!! It was so much fun x
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