Anyone find Xmas Shopping Stressfull?

Christmas shopping certainly isn't what it used to be...we it's not for me anyway! I live in Stoke city near the city centre and basically as soon as you come out of my estate there's a massive long road with tailbacks and traffic. Once I have made it to the shopping centre more stress begins...where do I park?...after sucessfully finding a parking space I get the buggy out then Evie then the baby, then by the time I start to trall round the shops I'm exhaused! And with it being SO packed everyone getting in my way I end up clipping people's ankles with the buggy and I HATE waiting for lifts in the multi-storey!

I can never look in the shops I want to cuz either Evie's whinging and wants to go home, or my pushchair won't fit in there as it's so busy. By the time I get back to my car, I'm ready to shoot myself, then there's getting out the damn car park, driving thru the mad traffic to get home and getting kids and shopping out the car before collapsing on the sofa! If that is not stressfull I don't know what is! Think I'll avoid last minute shopping this year!!!!! xoxoxo


  • I left Gabe with the mil yesterday so I could get some last minute shopping in. I thought it'd be easier if I left him behind. YEAH RIGHT. I was exhausted after half an hour carrying round my heavy bags with no pushchair to dump them in! I bought my OH an Xbox 360 and it was sooo heavy to lug home on the bus...had to get my fil to pick me up from the bus stop as my arms were falling off lol.
  • Well we haven't done our food shop yet! EEEK! My oh went to Morrisons on his way to work this morning to get some cash out only to find a massive queue to get in the bloody store!! Mad mad mad!! We're doing it tonight now in the hope that it'll be quieter and food will be on the shelves!! xoxox
  • Naz I hate you image
    I've done mine in the last 2 weeks. Most of it's wrapped now but not all! I always say I'll do it early, but never ever do. Bloody christmas. lol. I hope it's not to busy for you tonight YM! xx
  • It is my friend went to Asda and turned back when she saw how busy it was and other told me to avoid Tesco at all costs! It was so much easier when I lived at home with Super Mum...well I guess that's MY role now and I'm more of a lazy mum lol!!! xoxoxo
  • ooops. I did all mine ages ago - got most of it online anyway as we dont really have many shops round here...
    it was all wrapped by the beginning of dec and its just been a case of writing the cards and sendin/giving out the pressies.
    got all our food the other week, and just waiting for my turkey to be delivered (was supposed to be here last week but I'm sure i can see it running round the field still..... :lol: )

    used to watch my dad stress himself out by leaving it all till the last minute and just cant leave it that late. its chaos at work now too so i'm glad its all done and out of the way - and we couldn't do the shopping any later as it would've had to have been during a weekend day and hubby hates crowds...

  • We went Christmas shopping today and got OH to me and me to OH and we really enjoyed it!! I love it when its busy!!

    Got a fun night now, drinking wine, wrapping presents and watching a DVD!!

    Happy Christmas all!!

  • How can you love it being so busy! It drives me insane! Oh's locked me in the dining room now, so I'm on here for a bit. He gets so moody when wrapping presents...all I can hear is him swearing and cursing and sellotape ripping! MEN! xoxox
  • I don't know but I do :lol:

    I'm sitting here quite smug, OH and me bought each other exactly 9 presents each. I'd finished miles before him!! Gonna have to hoover all the tiny pieces of paper up off the floor though!!!

  • I'm dying to hoover up! Oh would scream at me tho and I'd wake the kids up!! I'll do it tomorrow when he's cooking the dinner! Merry Christmas everyone...looking forward to hearing what everyone's got! xoxoox
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