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Do any of you do something just a little special as a tradition for Christmas? Roast a turkey, favorite pair of pants, certain decorations, share hopes for the coming year around the fire....

Just following from other christmas posts, what do you do that makes Christmas special to your family, or are there traditions you'd like to have with your lo that you want to establish?

We have the roast dinner, and christmas stockings, we dress a tree (normally real), the decorations were given each year to me by my great grandmother, and each year I buy a new one that means something special about the year that has just past so each decoration means something, we light a big fire in the evenng and give thanks for the year passing and discuss our hopes for the year that follows, usually with a few good drinks and roast a bit of food over the fire, we save a piece of the log we burn to use to light the fire next year so technically all our christmas fires are connected together, ect I could go on and on... but I'd love to hear about everyone else's



  • As this is our first Christmas with lo I'm looking forward to making our own traditions which hopefully Alfie (and any other lo we have fingers crossed) will continue with his family. Haven't decided what the traditions are yet but looking forward to starting our own! Everyone's Christmas' sound lovely can't believe it's nearly here!
  • New Pyjamas for everyone on Xmas Eve!

    I have no idea but this carried over from when I was little - we went to bed Xmas Eve in new pyjamas (maybe so the piccys from the morning had us in matching pjs lol)! Anyway - now I make sure that the boys all go to bed in their new ones!

    Also last year we went on a lovely walk on boxing day around Jumbles Country Park and decided that would be our new tradition!
  • We always got new pyjamas for xmas eve too and im going to carry it on. We also used to have our own pile of presents instead of them being under the tree.

    One from my husbands family that we would like to carry on is that him and his siblings had to wait at the top of the stairs while their dad checked that father christmas had been, then they could go down.
  • Lol at tommysmum we always use to have new pjs too!!! Every year since i can remember i have always gone to my grandparents this year is gonna be so different firstly its the 1st Christmas with lo and secondly were goning to ohs mums this christmas day looking forward to it but its gonna be so different. Were also gonna start afew traditions of our owm first bauble new pjs for lo lol!!!!
    oooo i cant wait to bring Grace down on christmas day!!!!
  • We decorate the tree with traditional decorations.

    Always have stockings up, even me and dave had stockings before the lo's were born, went from our 2, to 3, now its gonna be 4 this year!!

    Always leave a mince pie and carrot out!!

    Kelsie last year wrote a letter to santa and got one back from him, theres a webiste you can get them from, cant remeber the name but its really nice, so thats in her special box for when shes older!

    I love xmas so much!!

  • Pj's is brilliant! I want!

    We don't have much in the way of tradition. My mum and dad don't see a huge amount of point in it image

    Planning to start some traditions though. Might go with the PJ's one. Are we thinking xmas pjs or just gorgeous pjs?

  • Just telling oh about this post and we've decided- first tradition we'll nick the new pj idea! Another lovely idea-thank you!x

  • I always have a new pair of p.js for christmas eve and read the night before christmas, i've also started watching the polar express on christmas eve. I'm such a big kid.

    Alex & Evie xxx
  • well this is our first xmas with a baby so we don't have any of our own tradditions yet. both me and hubby love the way my family celebrate it though. Its always a big family affair - the emergancy chairs come out! we each have our own stockig my mum even does one for hubby! all presents are under the tree and while have a glass or two of bubbly me and my two sisters take turns in handing them out. Then about 2pm we sit down to big christmas dinner cooked by my lovely dad. Also when we were little we always had a new dress to wear. I'm sure I'll make sure Jamie (my baby) has something special to wear. Lovely post btw I love christmas xx
  • Your christmas sounds so lovely. As this is our first proper christmas as a family we dont have any traditions of our own but we had lots when i was younger which i hope to carry on doing.
    On christmas eve we would bake cookies and yummy christmassy things, watch a film, have a bath and put on our new pj's and then read a christmas story. it was great. i cant wait to do all of those things with Tegan xx
  • oh and not to forget going out on our sled in the snow down the hills, the most amazing part of christmas id say. i live down in cornwall now though so i doubt tegan will ever get to enjoy that unless we moved, which is sad xx
  • We always buy a new decoration for the tree - this year it will be a baby's 1st xmas one.

    My grandparents always have the whole family over on boxing day (it is also thier wedding anniverary!). I've miseed a few as i've got older but we will be taking louise this year as my grandad really wants us to go.

    Me and dh still have stockings and i'm really looking forward to making Louise's first one!

    A fairly new tradition is that dh and I make the christmas crackers. We did this for the last 2 years for his family (and us) on xmas day, this year we're making them for xmas day and our 2nd xmas day with his family. The first year we had odd different things in them, last year we put in alcohol minatures (except I was pregnant so had choccies). Today, we bought wind up toys from hawkins bazare for our 2nd xmas day!! We'll prob spend ages racing them!
  • double post! very odd though as I didn't think it had posted then be froze....couldn't get back in for ages!

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  • aww the new PJS for Xmas Eve sounds really sweet im going to nick this idea too mum used to put a couple of my pressies at the bottom of my bed in the night so when i woke up i had some to open..usually i would take then all into my parents room to open with my mum..think i will do this too when Benji is abit older!!
  • We're staying at home this year cause we really want to have our own tree and estabalise our own traditions too. Looking forward to a proper family xmas with our 3 month n 19 month olds will be so exciting. It'll be great to read xmas stories on the run up to it. We wern't allowed into the lounge until everyone was up. also opened stockings then had breakfast before presents under the tree to split it up. We'll write a letter to santa and leave out whisky, mince pies and carrots for santa and rudolph.
    It's so exciting i'm really looking forward to it!
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