Desperately need help - should never hve given that bottle!!

I'm going spare :'-(

my little boy is now 4 days old and my milk has just come in
yesterday one of my boobs was too hard for him so I used the manual pump to pmup off 60ml
last night he and I ewere both exhausted so I hve him what I had expressed in a tommee tippee bottle

now this morning he won't latch on to my breast - not even the one he was fine with before!! He's been screaming for an hour and I dint know what to do
he gets a latch tkes two sucks then stops sucking

have I ruined it all?
How do I remind him how to suck?!!?

Just want to cry


  • If you need it the La Leche League helpline is 0845 120 2918

    I phoned them loads in the early days and would never have managed without them!

    B x
  • Don't panic!

    Take a deep breath and stay calm, give him lots of cuddles until he's calmer and try again. You haven't ruined anything and he will get it
    - he's perhaps got a bit confused but it's unlikely to be just the bottle causing his issue.

    Try expressing again if you're really full as it's much easier for them to latch on when your boobs are a bit squashy and it also slows the flow which can be a bit overwhelming for them when they're tiny!

    Also double check your position - I found that if my LO wasn't feeding very well and I got a bit panicky all my good practice went out of the window and she'd end up in a rubbish position.

    You'll be fine.

    B x

  • as someone else said try expressing a bit off so boob isnt as full then both strip off i got told if you have any problems so back to basics with skin to skin
  • Hi

    Don't worry you won't have ruined anything, I expressed for 6days and gave formula when my baby was born due to tounge tie and managed to feed myself afterwards after trying 'rebirthing' I thought it was a load of hippy nonsene when my midwife showed me the video but it really works!

    Basically you get in the bath with your baby place him on your chest and pour water gently over him and he will start to snuffle around from side to side and will find and latch on to your nipple! Its amazing! You shouldn't need to move him yourself but obviously he might need supporting a bit as it will be slippery!

    It supposedly works by erasing there memories of a bottle and hones in on there natural insincts.

    I couldn't find a decent link online but feel free to ask if you need anymore advice- i'm still feeding nealr 4 months on so i'm proof it works!

    Good luck xxx
  • Awwww hun dont panic.

    Do not feel bad you haven't ruined anything it probably isn't anything to do with the bottle he might just be having an off day! Hopefully the others girls advice will help.

    Hugs xx

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  • Don't worry to much. Strip yourself naked and lo naked and just cuddle. Lo will calm down and will slowly start to look for your breast again.

    We gave Michael formula and ebm in a bottle for the first week. (jaundiced, hospital stay) After that we needed some bonding for breastfeeding, but by stripping naked and having some cuddle time, we managed to do it and haven't had problems since.
  • First of all dont worry, baby will sense your stressed.

    Express some milk so your breasts aren't as full, get comfortable and put his nose to your nipple.

    Allow him to find your nipple and latch on.

    It could be that he is getting frustrated as milk through a bottle comes a lot quicker. Try putting a little expressed milk on your nipple so he gets instant gratification as with a bottle.

    If this fails you could also try nipple sheilds as the texture will be the same as the bottle, although you may need to trim these down as it is important the your babies lips touch the little bumps/spots around your nipple. This sends signals to your brain to let the milk flow.

    If you need any more help, guidance or simply to talk to someone email me. I am an accredited breastfeeding peer supporter and would love to help.
  • thank you girls for all your messages

    Breighlin that's really heartening to know that your perseverance worked

    Girlyone - v interesting about the bath - might have to try that

    we've had a tough day today - he got the perfect latch at 9am and fed so so well for 15 mins (best latch i've had coz it didn't even sting but i could see he was getting loads of milk) - then he fell asleep and i burped him but he wouldn't go back on the breast - i was sure he couldn't be full after only 15mins but he just screamed and screamed

    same thing happened all day - great latch for 10 - 15mins then screaming
    ended up giving him a cup of ebm and he gulped it down - was clearly v hungry - so much so that he wouldn't latch

    i'm going to see the NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor on Monday so hopefully she can help a bit
  • if he is feeding for 10-15mins then carry on with this till monday if you can its great you are seeing somebody about it and top up with ebm if need be your doing a fab job! my dd always used to only feed for a small amount of time still does but just feeds more often xx
  • I would recommend lots of skin to skin and as someone else has mentioned allowing your baby to naturally root for your nipple. This is called biological nurturing but basically means you lie back with your baby supported only by your own body and they find your nipple and attach themselves. They should need minimal support this way and the latch should be easier.
    Well done for perservering, it does get easier I promise (I'm still breastfeeding our ds at 13 months) and I hope your NCT counsellor can help! x
  • Hey hun, sounds like you're doing fine to me - my newborns only ever had 10-15mins on the breast before falling asleep!

    Take the lead from baby - he will know how much he needs - their tummies are tiny at 4 days old. Allow yourself to be babyled and you will be fine. And if he falls to sleep - let him.

  • SKIN ON SKIN! the best advice i have ever had!! both strip and cuddle in bed! relax!! image
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