My DD (nearly 8 months) is LOVING pasta at the moment (I'm using the little baby pasta stars).
Just wondered if she was ok having it with something every day or is that too much?
I've been doing it with different things: courgettes, tomatoes & cheese, salmon & veg, chicken & veg, spag bol.

She's very active and needs filling up lol, would it be ok?
Thanks :\) xx


  • I didn't want to r and r but i think as long as she is having a varied diet around the pasta it can't hurt! i'm no expert but i've never heard of any problems xx my lo loves pasta too and had it most days whilst weaning xxx
  • Hi Kelly,
    I wouldn't have thought pasta everyday would do A any harm, she is burning it all off crawling everywhere. I tried D with rice yesterday, and he loved it (and slept through for the first time last night - woohoo!!!!), I made him vegetable korma (the nappy wasn't pleasant afterwards) but it seemed to fill him up more!
    Think I might try couscous this week too as he is making attempts to crawl and is obviously needing the carbs and energy!
    Jo x
  • Luke eats the pasta and tagetelli that I eat just copped it up.
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