Really worried about briuses on me.

Over the past month or so, i have been bruising really easily, I only have to knock myself slightly and to briuses and im really worried that i may be really ill. Has anyone else ever suddenly started to bruise easily, ive read something about lukemia on the net wich has really scared me!! I never used to bruise hardly at all! xxx


  • no i dont feel unwell at all, im just worried that im gonna go to the docs and they are gonna tell me bad news! and i will leave my son! cry xx
  • yeh my mum got this think it was to do with being anemic xx
  • I've been jpoking with my dh that I look like a battered wife as I have lots of briuses on my legs - my lo is very active and it's where she kicks me when excited and stands on me. As others have said that it couldbe oron levels it would be worth going to your docs - then you can find out what it is, get treatment and hopefullly stop worrying.

  • If it was leukemia you would most likely have other symptoms too. My cousin unfortunately died from leukeamia and he was very very unwell before he knew he had it. He bruised easily but he also had no energy what so ever. It got to the point where he could hardly get out of bed. He also developed a rash and everntually collapsed (that is what lead to his diagnosis). I wouldnt worry about it being leukemia unless you are feeling unwell aswell.

    Go to the doctors and put your mind at rest!!! Probably nothing to worry about
  • MKT86- im sorry to hear about your cousin, i will try and fit in a doctors appointment before christmas,but it will be difficult as im soooo busy as im sure you are too lol, i dont feel unwell at all, just tired as lo isnt sleeping well thanks ladies xxx
  • Thanks - please dont think i wrote it to make you feel bad for thinking you have it just to reassure you that you probably dont!!!

    Get yourself a big piece of steak, some green veggies and a pint of guinness - that should get your iron levels up lol
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