Tech help - my pal scout?

Hi ladies,

Does any one have a my pal scout or violet? Did any one have problems downloading the connection programme. It simply freezes when ever i try at about 61 % complete. I have tried the alternative but that freezes too. I have emailed the comany and they sent me a programme to gather files to send to them to check. I did this but the files are so damn large home email wont cope and to get a larger attachemnt allowance I have to pay ??15 a month for a year so not really an option.

Is there anyone tech minded out there who can help or has had similar problems?

Thanks xx


  • I had some problems with it the other day. I unplugged Scout and tried again. It got to the start page and then froze once the pictures started coming up. We got there in the end but there wasn't a technical solution I'm afraid. Have you tried re-starting it a few times to see if it will download?

    Probably not much help but didn't want to r&r.

  • I would advise you to try it on someone else's computer and see if it is violet/scout or if the program is too much for your pc?
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