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When can babies handle wind on their own?

Hiya, just wondering when babies handle wind themselves??? I'm a bit bored and have been meaning to ask this for a while!


  • it really depends on the baby im afraid ! I stopped winding mine at 8 weeks as it seemed to make him scream in agony and he was much better and then started to bring it up himself, what i found quite good was to lay him flat on my knees and slowly bring him in to sitting position. I thought of it as trying to get little bubbles through a maze like out of the stomach and up kinda thing, but im a bit sad lol
  • Hiya

    I would like to know this to, I have been giving mine infacol for the last couple of weeks, he is six weeks at the moment, thought I would try and stop using it today and he screamed in agony!

    the midwife said to me about 10 weeks??

  • I didn't realise some babies could handle their own wind so early! My LO is 12 weeks and I still get some good ol' burps out of him after feeds. Sometimes he has no wind tho, so I suppose it'll settle itself after a few weeks. God, can't wait til my main aim in life isn't to get a burp up!!!
  • my lo has not been much of a burper, i used to get the odd 1 when he was v little after loads of winding, but from about 3m i stopped winding him and found that he wld sometimes burp when i picked him up sometimes not,
    very random,lol. he still dont burp much at 10m! though sometimes does in his sleep image) xx
  • my lo isnt much of a burper, his wind tend to come out the other end (just like his daddy lol) we do get the odd burp tho that would make any sunday league footballer proud! Oh and to top it all he only poos about once every 5 days and he chose the bath to do it in tonight!!! Lovely
  • he he hayley my lo hadnt pooed for 2 days which is unusual and today he did one in nappy so we put him on a towel after cleaning etc to have a naked wriggle and air his bits, his grandad picked him up in he towel and he promptly pooed all over him again! where does it all get stored!!!!!
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