Mummys Boy!

Hi girls,
Connor is 4 months old and is constantly wanting me at the moment, he wont sit with someone else for too long. He wont even sit with his Daddy for longer than half hour max and im the only one that can get him to sleep for naps or a night.
Its nice that he wants me but its very difficult to get anything done, is this just a phase and if any of you are having the same thing how on earth do you get the housework done? Hes ok while im cooking because i talk to him the whole time but that doesnt work for anything else


  • I really don't know what to suggest as Kyra is the same way! Only recently came on she's almost 8 months. I think it's just a phase, from what I remember from my 1st. The best thing to do imo is not to let them get too upset from being away from you as it can make the situation worse and they scream even more when you leave the room. Just keep trying to reassure him that you won't leave him! Then leave the gap of time a little longer each time you leave the room or leave him with someone else, just starting with a couple of mins at a time, then gradually work up the time. xoxox
  • My lo went thro this phase but he is getting oer it now at just over 7 months. Hopefully it will pass for you. xx
  • Oh yes i'm afraid i understand completely!!! Callum (he's 8mths) used to be great at being left but he also developed this attachment to me at about 4 mths which means getting things done is impossible. I read somewhere that at about 6 mths they make an attachment to something be it blanket, toy and i think it was me!!! He hates being left at the gym creche and screams the place down even though the other kids are fine. He just wants my attention all the time. The woman who runs the creche near me has 3 boys and she said that lots of boys are really clingy to their mums and she suggested that i should leave him in his cot or in his chair with toys on his own for a bit everyday even if he grissles so he gets more used to being on his own. I wish i started this earlier cos it has started to work and he is much happier playing on his own, still not for very long but i purposely leave it longer and longer before i pick him up as i think i was all too quick to pick him up at the slightest murmour since he was born. Its also helped letting him stay with my mum a few times. Hope this helps, i will definitely do things differently with number 2!! x x
  • Thanks girl, il try and leave him a bit longer each time, hes got me wrapped round his little finger he really has!
  • Dylan has been like this too! Its sooo difficult to do anything & down right exhausting some days! He's kinda gotten over it now!
    Sarah xx
  • You see, men are born this way and they never change!!! Always relying on the women in their lives!!! x
  • lol jamtart soo true! Your right sarah it is exhausting especially when you have an oh who spends most his time on the ps3! bloody mates introducing him to call of duty - Im a playstation widow now! lol
  • My lo is going through this phase as well and i'm finding it hard to keep up with the housework and other things, even when his dad is around. I'm hoping he grows out of it soon. The only time he settled well with someone else was with my nan over xmas, but shes now gone back home to America
  • Oh, also, how about a jumperoo, that will give you some space - they are alright from 3 mths i think. Should let you get the hoovering done at least! x
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