Recommendation - Ocado!

Hi everyone,

I'm so delighted that I just had to share it with you all.

A few weeks ago I posted a topic on here asking about online supermarket shopping.
I'd tried Asda as was really not impressed as several items were substituted, they were late (although didn't matter as I was in, but it's the principle) and the delivery driver was really uninterested. Well I have since tried Sainsburys and was even more unimpressed, especially as I got a telling off from the driver as my address didn't come up in his sat nav so should have given directions when I placed my order!! Everyone else's sat nav seems to know my address! Lol!
Well I have just had a delivery from Ocado. I wouldn't have normally used them as assumed they would be really expensive but last night I messed up Ruby's birthday cake and they were the only ones who could deliver today with new supplies (plus the rest of the shopping), and as I was in London all day I went for them.

Well... first of all they came out CHEAPEST in the comparison thingy as I went for their special offers, which actually applied to me and what I was looking for anyway, which saved my ??14.31, then I got a furthur ??10.00 discount as i'm a new customer! Delivery was ??3.99 but if i'd spent over ??75 would have only been 99p.

They came on time, within the one hour slot (much more convenient than 3 hour slot!) had no substituations and everything listed in order of use by date to help me plan meals for the week.

As a new customer I received a welcome pack and the driver explained that I receive a complimentary copy of The Times with every delivery! I couldn't believe it! The driver was so helpful and polite and explained everything to me, and that every care had been taken but if anything was damaged to go back on the website and I can issue myself a refund!

It seems silly posting this but I constantly receive bad customer service everywhere I go from people who clearly hate their jobs and want to be somewhere else, so this is a real breath of fresh air!


Ok i'll stop now.
I better get on with that cake!

Amy xx

P.S. You also receive ??10 or ??20 (I can't remember) everytime you recommend a friend so anyone interested in ordering, send me your email and we'll both receive the credit! I think it's ??20.00.


  • Hello,
    Well have to say your post got me thinking and I've now tried ASDA and Tesco and Ocado was the next on my list! Am planning to do our ext food order this week so will email you now if thats ok then we can both get the bonus! Glad they were so good and am sure the cake will be delicious! Becks x
  • Definately going to have a look, I asumed they would work out really expensive. You don't have your email button enabled though hun!!
  • Will see if they deliver near me then ... am due to do a big internet shop!
  • They sound really good, would love to try them, will e-mail you now if that's ok.
    I usualy go with Tesco's but have also had a few problems with them, such as them giving me items that expire that day or the next day. They always refund me when I complain but that's not the point is it because half the time it's something i need for a particular dish so i have to go out to the shop anyway to replace it which defeats the whole point of online shopping!!
  • That was another problem I had Mumof2!

    I don't know how to change my email settings on here but it's [email protected]
    Thank you for letting me know Bedhead! Lol! xx
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