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OT completely - Anya Hindmarch bags

I was very sad & queued this morning at 5 to get one and i was the first in line!!! I have got my bag & its brill for toting round all my junk & Alexanders,i was tempted to sell it when i saw how much they are selling for but i would rather keep the bag as it was quite funny queuing & having a good chat with all the other girls.It was also funny listening to all the latecomers kicking off cos they had missed out.


  • OK chick you lost me completely!! What bag? sounds like fun, I was up at 5 with Millie, I could have joined you :lol:
  • Oh right sorry i just assume that everyone thinks in handbag world like me,its the new reusable bag designed by Anya Hindmarch,just have a peek on Ebay & you will see the one i mean.
  • Sorry but that is totally ridiculous, have you nothing better to spend your money and time on?????
    ??80 for a shopping bag!!!!!!! I have just had a look at her website and see bags on there that cost more than my yearly income!
  • Jain - come off your high horse & if you are going to criticise someone then at least get your facts right the bag cost me ??5 & i am going to use it as my baby bag so in fact it is much cheaper then ordinary baby bags.And also what i spend my money on is of absolutely no concern of yours!
  • No need to be quite so rude alexanders-mum.
    The bags i saw on ebay seemed to be going for ??80, i congratulate you then on getting a bargain of ??5.

    At 5am i
  • at 5am i would either be asleep or bleery eyed and feeding my dd so i also congratulate the fact you where up and out! xxx
  • Quite so rude - me? I apologise if i have taken the wrong end of the stick but as i read your original post it seemed to me you were criticising me for buying one. And yes i was a bit bleary eyed!
  • Oh blimey - I though there was going to be another fight on here for a minute - and i was going to say handbags at dawn, but then thought you might all tell me to naff off back into pregnancy. But can you start something - it really livens it up xx
  • Handbags at dawn, good pun!x
  • Handbags? Where? Give me the handbag!!
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