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How much and how often??

Hi ladies

Just a quick question. my baby has gone from initially losing too much weight to having put it all back on and now gaining weight. it seems she has now turned into an eating machine!! her feeds take about 45 mins to 1 hour to complete with winding and she is feeding every 1 hour 45 mins to a max of 3 hours and taking approx 80-90 mls per feed. she is two weeks old tomorrow. I am expressing for some feeds and using formula for others as breastfeeding didn't work out.

what's everyone else's babies doing?? does this seem about right?? don't want to be accused of overfeeding!! thing is she always eats it all!!

thanks image)



  • Hi, that sounds quite normal. People assume that bottlefed babies only want feeding every 3-4 hours but this isn't the case, particularly at the beginning. At that age, Gabe was drinking about 120ml if not more every 2 1/2 hours. You can't overfeed a baby, and putting on lots of weight is a positive thing. xx
  • Oh yes and if she is having all her bottles I would up the amount in them, if she is drinking 3oz (90ml) I would up it to 4oz (120ml) x
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