Pet names for your lo?

Have you got any silly names for your lo? Since Evie was small we always called her Took or Tookie (from Lord of the Rings as Hobbits are small). We call Kyra Bang Bang as that is what we did to get her...if you know what I mean!! ;\) :lol:

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  • Kelsie is Pops, Pop-A-Tops, Pop-Pops......(her middle name is Poppy)

    Jack is Jackeroo, or sometimes Roo!! Or Jack-Attack!

    :lol: @ Bang Bang!

  • I call Amber 'Froggy' after the ribbit noise she makes when she sucks on her hands. image
  • brooke has loads when she was little but now i call her baabies a lot (babeees) my parents call her bugaboo and have since she was born! some of my mates call her cookie. xx
  • lol, we call freya bam bam, and lolah is normally lola loo, not sure where these came from tho, lol.
    2peasinapod- im loving the picture, so cute.
  • Poppy is usually Pops or Popster!! Or the names like ratbag or toad when she's being naughty!!
  • Isabella is pudding too haha xxx
  • Zacky is boo boo. He can even say it himself. Dont know whrer OH got that from, but then again dont really know where alot of his ideas come from LOL.
  • Aww such sweet names! Thanks for asking Katie, she's getting much better, they've all scabbed over now so it's just a case of getting thru the itchy stage until they all dry up and fall off! She's starting to eat better all well! xox
  • Scarlett is mostly Pumpkin or Scarly Warly Barley

    Tabitha is Princess or pudding pop

    When I'd just had Tabitha, Scarlett came up to see us and oh called Tabitha pumpkin and scarlett said No she is not pumpkin I am, so we said what shall we call her then and she said princess.
  • Awww that's just the sweetest thing! xox
  • I call Jonathan my little chunky monkey and oh calls him squirt lol
  • i usually call archie:- cherub, pudding, mister, monkey man ,,,, and lil sh*t when hes screaming at me at 5am and wont go to sleep !!
  • I call Ethan mini man and Grace at the moment is my lil mc muffin. lol. She's been sumo, chubba, chunk, and mini me too. lol.

    Lisa xxx
  • lol - haven't we all been there at 5 in the morning! xox
  • Lol at some of these. Riley is my little sausage monkey. Hubby calls him splodge or "The Riley" xxx
  • oh my gosh i've gone through loads since jack was born, main one i use is buster or buster roo, also little sausage, cherrub, monkey nut, teeny tiny boy, gorgeous buster x
  • Boo is Gabe's ... just because the word 'boo' seems to make him laugh, and it also seems to be the most-used word in my vocabulary (and that was before I called Gabe it), for some reason OH and I say it whenever Gabe looks at us or when we cant think of anything else to say?! We tried to stop saying it for a day but still did it!!!

    Also Snugglebums, Snuggle babe and SnuggleGabe lol.

    I call him 'wriggly pain' if he's annoying me, oh calls him 'little shite'!!! nice!
  • Connor is baby and poobag and occasionally sausage and farty bum
  • We call ellie all sorts of things mainly Piglet, Munchkin, Bubbas, Babycakes and Boodley Woodley!!! Isn`t it awful how we do it to our kids - I still haven`t managed to grow out of the names i was called when i was young!!
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