baby toothbrush recommendations?

Just wondering what you use, bubba has her 2 bottom teeth and I'm between getting the little silicone finger brush or the wisdom baby toothbrush with teething ring that's more like a proper toothbrush?

Also, do you use baby toothpaste? The silicone finger thing says just to wet? Bubba is 6 months btw...



  • we were given a toothbrush and toothpaste by the hv. have you checked you dont get a freebie first!?
  • my god, my hv is like the scarlet pimpernel, haven't seen her since my 8 week check but i'll ask one of the random people that seem to hang around at my weigh ins, maybe they're hv's lol :lol:
  • Hey Morello!

    I got a free toothbrush and toothpaste from my hv too. I got it as part of the Childsmile programme which is run up here is Scotland. You could phone your dentist and see if they will see your lo and see what they would recommend? We got given a full size child's toothbrush and toothpaste! image

  • My mil is a dental hygienist and she recently ought me over the oral b stage 1 tooth brush, apparently its what dentist recommend, and aqua fresh milk teeth toothpaste. Although she id advise to only use a very small amount!
    Hope that helps xx
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