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Hi everyone! I'd like to join the baby forum for help and support, I'm a 22 year old mum with a baby girl who I adore to pieces. A friend recommened me to Baby Expert for help, guidance and support. I live with my partner who is often at work and while I'm on maternity often feel a bit isolated as I am not socialising as often as I did and now don't have the time as much. I would be really grateful if you all could reply with a bit about yourselves so i can get to know you all a bit better! Thank u! x image


  • hi, im 24 years old and have a 6 month old little boy who is amazing. this is a really good site although you have joined when there has been some bad things happenin but hopefully its all gonna stop now. so welcome and hope you find this site as helpful, supportive and fun as i
  • Hey thanks for the reply! What has happened, if you don't mind me asking? I am really looking forward to making great friends on here that can give much needed advice! x
  • Welcome hun, but to be honest its a long and drawn out situation, that I would avoid and not get involved in, the girls on here are lovely and helpful and we will all try and offer advice
  • Hiya I am also 22 and have a little girl who is 7 months old.
    I'm not quite sure wots been goin on, but this site is usually really lovely with lots of good advice!
  • Hi I am 23 and my little girl is 20 weeks today, I love being a mummy image

    Welcome to the site, everyone is lovely on here, bar a few that ruin things for others that have hopefully disappeared! xx
  • Hey lizzy86, my baby is 7 mnths too!! I don't want to get into any feuds so I won't ask!

    BB x
  • welcome to BE!

    for 99.9% time it is a great place for a laugh and a gossip, and catching up on how / what babies do etc!

    dont let recent events put you off!
  • sorry hope I didnt come across as rude as there is a lot of waryness of newbies at the mo and dont want you to get dragged into anything!, but im 24 and I have a 7 month old aswell
  • Hi i'm 27 and i have a little girl who is 16 weeks.

    Welcome to the baby forum x
  • youl be fine, we r a nice bunch. iv had great advice and support from this site. enjoy, we have a right
  • Hi hun, there is no way I am owning up to how old I am :lol: but I have 2 littlies, Millie, who is 2 1/2 and Barney, who is 7 months. Welcome to the site!
  • HI there and welcome! I'm Donna, mummy to 16 month old Poppy.
    It usually is a great site and the people are very helpful!!
  • hi, welcome to the site, i am 26 (had to think about that one! :lol: ) and i have a 17 week old girl and 2 year old boy!

    The girls on here are fab (well most of them :lol: ) xxxx
  • Hi and welcome to the forums. Everyone here is lovely, really! I'm older than I would like to be, lol! And my little girl Bethany is almost 6 months.
  • I'm Rebecca, and have a little man called Riley. He's 6 and a half months. xxx
  • Hi,
    I'm ancient and my litle boy is 6 and half months old! Welcome to baby.
  • hi im keely im 35 and have a long awaited 11 month old called daisy who i too adore welcome x
  • Hiya I am Lee, I have 3 boys aged nearly 16, nearly 8 and Tommy who is 8 months.

    I am also a proud new mummy to a baby girl called Star. (my little pup who is 4 months and my ally in the fight against testosterone)
  • Hi
    I'm hoping to join this forum too. My little boy is 6 months old now, and I did try to register a little while ago but my computer objected, so I'm only really getting round to posting now. I've had a look at posts for advice from time to time, and usually my questions had been asked by someone else.
    I realise it's not the best time to be joining, as you're all understandably a bit wary of newcomers at the moment - but I also didn't want to just be a lurker!
    Hopefully the fact that my little one isn't a newborn any more means I can offer some advice based on my experience as well as looking for it. Made Bedhead's fish pie for dinner the other day, btw, and he loved it - thanks!
  • hi, im kirst, my los are 17, 12 , 2 and 9m. welcome to baby image
    im an oldie too. xxx
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