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I'm drawing on all you experienced mummies for advice on settling LO after the night feed.

My little lady is 10 weeks old. She has her bottle and settles for bed in her crib at around 8pm/8.30pm and is very good at self settling. She wakes at about 2-3am for a feed and after winding falls asleep on me. I put her back in her crib but at most an hour later she is awake, not crying just moaning and groaning. Tried winding, putting dummy in etc but she still grizzled. For a couple of weeks out of exhaustion, I have brought her into bed with us and she has gone straight back to sleep, sleeping until around 7am/8am.

Last week I decided that I would try to get her out if this habit and when she was waking, giving her a cuddle and putting her down, holding her hand etc but she just will not settle and then us fully awake by 6am. After a week if about 3 hours sleep a night, Last night I caved and she came back in with us and slept well until 7.30am and still would be i think if I hadn't for her up for her feed!!

Has anyone any experience if this and offer any advice? Should I perservere in the hope she ' gets it' or let her sleep with us in the hope one day she will just 'get it' and stay in her crib?

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  • I'm afraid I can't offer advice, but I have the same problem! Lucas wakes around 3 to 4 hours after his dream feed, so 2 or 3am and that's then him for the night unless he comes onto mine or OH's chest. He only ever takes a couple of ounces of milk so he's not that hungry, and I'm wondering if it's just habit. Not sure how to break it though!!!

  • Sorry your in the same position Renri, maybe there will be another Mummy who gas been through it and conquered it, that can advise us!!

    LO won't take a dreamfeed so I know she is hungry although only rakes a couple if ounces (but is still very small so probably why).
  • I also have had this with my lo in the night. I did the same as tink-a-belle and as long as he wasn't crying just left him to grunt and coo until he fell asleep. It did work, now he settles quite well. One night I even had to leave the light on for him! He kept crying every time I turned it off but when it was on he lay there quite happily chatting away to the teddy bears on top of my wardrobe... after 20 minutes he fell asleep again.

    It's so funny that they have cheeky personalities even this early on
  • Thank you Tink and Mrs CP. Seems perserverence is key then!

    Was determined to give it another shot last night and sort of did but we fell out of our feeding routine yesterday so our timings were all out so I wasn't sure if she was hungry at 5am...sure as she wasnt and only took an ounce so settled her again, didn't take long to get her down siprisingly but then she woke at 6am crying, I snuggled her for a couple if mins and down she went again until least timings are back on track today so I can perservere tonight.

    Good luck Renri, hope you make progress soon too!
  • I have found the same thing, it takes LO a long time to settle back to sleeping the night and all the chatting and grunting is his way of getting back to sleep, it can go on for an hour sometimes!!! If LO can't get back to sleep sometimes I bring him in he bed, I think it's better to meet his need when he has it rather than worry too much about bad habits, I shouldn't think he'll be grumbling in his bed when he's 20 and getting in with me!!!!
  • Ooh!!! It worked!!! Lucas went from 8.30 till 8.30, feeding at 11.30 and 4.45! I got nearly 8 hours sleep!

    Hope it improves for you too Sharmy, and thanks for starting this thread!!!

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