Will I have to pay back SMP

Hi ladies

I have an interview on Tuesady which could potentially mean that I will not be returning to my current job. Does anyone know how this effects maternity pay?

I was not planning to go back to work until January. If I get the job I may have to start work earlier (unsure of start date at the moment) and will not be returning to my old job.

Will I have to pay back my maternity pay if I do not return to work?

Thank you in advance



  • you never have to pay back smp, but will maybe have to pay back what ever your company gives you on top of smp, depending on your contract. ill have to [pay back quite a bit if i dont go back (thats teaching) image
  • I only get SMP so had 90% of earnings and then just the basic??120 odd or whatever it is a week. So does that mean no pay back? Sorry to sound really thick.

    I also have my accumilated holiday days.
  • hey that means no payback x
  • You don't have to pay back anything for your standard mat leave (1st 6 months), but you may have to pay back the money paid for any additional mat leave you take. Depends on your company.
  • no you wont pay a penny. Its the government that pay the smp so you wont owe anyone anything.

    Good luck with the interview

    Gemm x
  • Wif, think you've had your question answered but wanted to wish you good luck for Tuesday!! It must be the baby swim instructor one??

    Good luck - so glad you applied in the end!!!


  • Ooh good luck Wif! Bet you're glad you went for it in the end!

    H x
  • Thank you everyone

    Yep it is the instructor job. I enquired and when I saw all the training involved chickened out but the person I would be taking over from (if I got the job) phoned me and convinced me to give it a go. One thing for sure is water babies instructors are very very well trained. You have to become a full swim teacher before you can even begin to train for the waterbabies part image

    I am so unbeleivably nervous, it has been years and years since I have had an interview so I am bricking it.

    Fingers crossed.

  • You'll be fine, goodluck x
  • do they meake you swim? imagine a job interview where you had to be in your swimming costume! good luck!
  • Wif, I think you started Waterbabies the same week we did. After first lesson I came home and said to hubby I want a job like that! Good luck for the interview
  • Good luck wif!!!! xxxx
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