how much food does ur 7month old (have or use to have)

food and bottles and at what times???


  • My son is 7 1/2 months & has:
    8am 7-9oz Milk
    9am Ready Brek or Weetabix plus a few Cheerios as finger food
    12pm Meat/Fish meal from Annabel Karmel book - at least double portion size plus fruit or other pudding
    3pm approx. 6oz milk - but rarely takes if we aren't at home so we're going to start substituting for a snack if we're out
    5:15pm Meal from Annabel Karmel book - again at least a double portion plus pudding
    7pm 7-9oz milk

  • millie eats all of breakfast about 9am then has a bottle between 3-5oz at 11am she has dinner at 1pmwith finger foods but sometimes doesnt want it prob cos shes eaten so much brekki and had milk she has a bottle at 3pm and then tea at 5pm normally friut puree bottle at 7pm and one in night im not sure whether to carry on with her not having much if any dinner or dont offer her the 11am bottle anymore ( she never cries for any bottles i just offer her them) she may not be eating much at min cos shes not been very well with a cold and cough as before she was eating alot more but they have been a growth spurt too shes nearly 7 months x x
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