what is it about babies/toddlers and bloody wet wipes, seriously caitlin emptys them any time they are left in reach (usally daddys fault lol) i mean they hate having bums done, they hate having sticky faces n fingers wiped so why play with them

caitlin washes her toys with them n her brother lol


  • lol my older kids used to do it all the bloody time when they were babies! i think its just the pulling them out thing isnt, how they just keep on coming out!! oh i have all this to look forward to again in a few months my youngest is only 4 months so they are safe for the time being! x
  • this in the baby world is classed as a sport - didnt you know? Who can get the most wipes out & the fastest!

  • bugger i should enter the cop as caitlin got a whole packet out while ray went to put her toys away haha

    chloe123 haha not too long for you to have the sport all over again lol
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