what happens when they turn one

dasiy turns one in few weeks so apart from not having to sterilize bottles yyyeeeeeaaahhhh! What else changes. Milk wise are they still supposed to have a pint of milk a day . at the moment i give 3 7 oz bottles shall i miss out the mid morning bottle and offer a snack instead. do you give milk out of a bottle still? Daisy is bit funny about milk i cant see her drinking it out of a cup she sips and tosses her cup on the floor. Oh and are they allowed a pillow at one or is it still dangerous only asking cus daisy spends most of night in our bed and she allways got her head on our pillows and it worrys me. Any other advice for a one year old will be much appreciated x


  • Hiya,
    I think I remember from before that your Daisy and my Carrie are a day or so apart - I've also been thinking alot about them turning one.

    OH mentioned packing away the steriliser the other week and I burst into tears cos it meant (to me) that she wasnt a baby anymore!!!!
    Carrie's only on one bottle a day now and my HV told me to get her onto milk in a cup and get rid of the bottle altogether fairly soon after she turns1 but the cup contents currently get shaken everywhere - so with water in it that's fine but I'm not too keen on milk everywhere!! Without at least one bottle a day I'm not sure how I would get her to have a pint a day - I guess I'll keep trying a closely watched little girl with a cup of milk until she loses interest in showering in it!
    I wondered about pillows as well as she loves to hug them and I read somewhere that it's OK after1 year to have blankets and pillows but after 18 months is better (from a safety point - I think because they should by then be well able to move themselves out of harms way) and for a pillow it's better not at all for posture.

    Not sure what else changes - except before you know it they'll be running around (probably away from mummy!) and talking lots (probably not the answers we expect to hear!)

    Can't believe it's nearly a year .....
  • you can give them a pillow and duvet cover from one if you wish but i find that if they are happy with things the way they are just leave them.

    As for the sterilizing you actually don't need to do that past the age of 6 months,

    milk as long as they are still eating fine i have never really found a reason to cut down on there milk. maya was still drinking her morning milk from a bottle intill almost 2 years old as for some reason she would drink all other milk from a cup apart from this one. and personal i felt that so long as she was happy there was no need to change things
  • whens carries birthday babe daisys is feb16 . might try her with some cows milk next month but i can see most of it going on floor too. they must give out different advice in different areas as our health authority recommend you sterilize bottles till 12 months.
  • God I can't wait till Gabe is one and can chuck bloody steriliser in the bin!

    I thought I would have stopped by now as I didn't do it on holiday, Gabe was 5 months then and didnt do him any harm but I've carried on and kinda panicky about stopping, I think now the steriliser is available (on hols was no sterilising facilities) I might as well use it till he's 1.

    Gabe has 2 or 3 bottles, I was told they do need a pint of milk BUT this milk doesnt have to come from bottles and can be cheese, dairy food, etc...like today Gabe only had 5oz in morning and 4oz before bed (very rare!) but am not worried as he had 5oz on cereal, a yogurt, rice pud and fish pie made with creme fraiche so LOTS of dairy!

    I'd try her with milk in the cup but don't worry if she'd rather have a bottle ...it doesnt matter, as long as its only milk in it, it won't do her any harm...

    I think at Daisy's age, if the pillow was covering her face she is old enough to move it out the way, once they are 1 it is fine to have a pillow. When Gabes in my bed I move the pillows out the way (OH has spare room so if Gabe wants to come in the bed he has his side lol!) and just sleeps in a gro bag while I have the quilt and pillows

    hth! xx

  • Charlotte was 1 on the 13th. I stopped sterlilising just before then and she now has cows milk on cereal but I still give her some formula to drink as I have some left and she's a fussy drinker. She has her milk out of her doidy cup, has done since 8 months old. I have to hold the cup though otherwise she would be covered.
    I haven't given her a pillow yet as she moves around too much in the night.
  • Neve was 1 on the 4th and I stopped sterilising just after, she was already having cows milk in her porridge and I am gradually changing her formula bottles over to whole milk (she has a morning and bedtime bottle). I bought her a pillow but I think I jumped the gun a bit will wait until she is 18 months to give it to her.
  • Hiya,
    Carrie's the 11th Feb.

    I've tried the cows milk in the cup at snack time but she only had one or 2 sips. I might try making formula milk and putting it in her cup instead to see if she'll get used to that before the formula tin's finished.

    ccbmommy - I've been looking at the doidy cups - did you use that for Charlotte instead of a sippy cup? I've only seen them online - has anyone seen them in shops? (I'm fancying the pink sparkly one!!)
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